Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Well, I guess we've gotten too comfortable in our current home. About the time we usually get settled in, Lucas' employers like to shake things up a bit. It seems that most of my worries revolve around children sleeping through the night and my family moving. This time, it's another move. Lucas leaves in February to work near the house we bought a while back.

What does that mean for the boys and I? Well, we get to stay put and see daddy on the weekends. My contract doesn't end until June. After that I suppose we'll move back into the house we own and I'll be looking for a job again. I'm not thrilled about parenting two very young children by myself for the next few months, but I'm glad we're looking at a move to a place we've already been.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

You want a Christmas full of stories? Well, you've come to the right place. Except that somewhere between when I thought of a ton of stories to write about and now, I seem to have forgotten a few. Let me start with a really good one and see what we get from there.

So as you may have read on my last post. We were without a Christmas tree on the eve of the big holiday because there weren't any left in town. Then, an angel whom we'll call Sarah (otherwise known as Lucas' sister and Auntie Sarah), appeared for her visit with a beautiful tree in the back of her truck. There were still trees where she lives, so she thought she'd bring an extra present. I have to say that I was nearly moved to tears by her kindness. I had never realized how empty and nonfestive a house would be without a tree. The other decorations should be enough, right? Wrong...wrong...wrong. A tree is such an important part of setting the mood. How silly! Thank you Auntie Sarah for helping to make this Christmas such a special holiday.
Though it's not a story, we did have Lucas' parents here for a visit as well. I enjoyed their company, fine cooking, and help around the house. Dean enjoyed their company and creative ideas. I think Lucas was just as excited about being surrounded by his family as he was about the helpfulness of them being here. We were truly blessed.

This Christmas is the first present related celebration that Dean learned that presents have really cool things inside. That made it extra fun and eventually overwhelming for him. He was really excited about so many presents, but the funniest one was a red dog (stuffed animal) that he got from the same auntie mentioned above. When he opened it, he started barking and rolling around with hysterical spasm-like energy all over the living room floor. I tried to get it on camera, but failed. Oh how I failed. It was pretty funny to watch though.

The only other story I can remember is not a funny one. Lucas was pulling the ham out of the oven and managed to spill the liquid on his thigh. Well, ok maybe it was a little funny when I heard him yell ouch and came into the kitchen to find him with his pants around his ankles. That's my preteen since of humor I suppose. After running cool water over it for a bit it turned out fine. Poor Lucas.

A picture of the family (and tree). As always, double click the picture for a larger image.

The boys...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Less Decorating

Well, the idea of waiting until Christmas Eve to set up the tree seemed great. No fighting toddler to leave the tree be, fun entertainment for the in-laws, and a discounted price as the tree sellers try to get rid of their last trees.

Until tonight when we found out that there were no trees left in our town. None. So, uhh...we don't have a tree this year. We are hosting Christmas for Lucas' family, but thankfully they're not too upset. I do have to say that it doesn't quite feel Christmas like here in the house without the tree. I DO have a sented candle that is supposed to smell like an evergreen. It's something.

Christmas Decorating

This year's decorations for Christmas are going a bit differently than last year. We still have not set up the tree, and are waiting for Lucas' family to come help us. I didn't want to try to keep Dean out of the tree while nursing a newborn and healing up. By the way, I totally screwed up my shoulder/neck about two weeks ago trying to haul said toddler out of trouble while nursing said newborn. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I still can not turn my head very far to the right.

Today Dean and I set up some of the Christmas decorations. This is what he wore for the occasion. His Halloween costume...he's a "siwwy ba" (aka Silly Bear).
This is what Jack was doing.

The Story of My Life...or Dean's Rather

Sick...again. Dean has a fever, itchy rash, runny nose, cough, and suffers from general crankiness. Poor little guy. I wonder if he'll always be sick through life.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Relished Sleep

Just because I like to jinx myself and also because I have been so hyper-focused on a full night sleep for the past 2 years (yes, two years and not one full night of sleep for me...not one).

Dean is still waking up at night, but is easily comforted and goes right back to sleep after daddy visits him, tells him it's time to go back to sleep, and good night. Jack has one chunk of 3 hours solid sleep at the beginning of the night, from there on out it's anybody's guess. But three whole hours people! Sometimes I don't get more than three hours of sleep. To have it all at once...oh how blessed I am.

This week, I begin my normal mommy routine as I'll have both boys home with me full time. We'll of course have Christmas right in the middle of this week with my in-laws around to play with, the weekend with dad, and a neighborhood girl for the beginning half of next week. So I guess I've cheated a bit. I'm excited to have time with both of them though. They grow so quickly. I can't believe that Jack has already been in my life for a full month. Two more weeks and I stop being stay at home mommy. It makes me a bit sad this time around. I'll miss both of them.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

In the Land I Find Funny

I have not been posting because I am so very enjoying my time alone with Jack. In the beginning, I enjoyed our naps the most, but the past few weeks I've been savoring the time I have to study his little fingers, toes, and face. Tomorrow is our last day with this kind of time together. Though it saddens me, I am also a little excited about the time I'll have with Dean and Jack at home with me before I have to return to work and reduce all of my mommy time to but a fraction of what I have now. The poor dears, and their poor mommy.

So, a story maybe only I will find funny because you probably had to be there. This morning, 6:30 am after a long night of feeding, burping, and rocking, I am getting Dean ready for daycare. He finds little Jack's tiny sock and begins some trial and error which leads him to realize that Jack's socks are too tiny for Dean's not itty bitty enough feet. I still think of Dean's feet as small, adorable and soft...I love love love them. Anyway, we get to the part where I am changing Dean's pull up. And Dean finds a place for that tiny sock. A piece of his body that does fit, perfectly...It is very PRIVATE.
Some of you have inquired as to Dean's reaction to little brother Jack. He loves him dearly...maybe a little too much. In Dean's world, Jack is another toy to play with, tackle, poke, and if at all possible smother with every ounce of his being. Sounds lovely doesn't it. Until you are the one trying to protect little brother from 30 lbs of uncontained love. We've been learning ways to play with Jack and ways NOT to play with Jack.
Exhibit A:
Dean: Jack see Ca? See ca? Mooooo!
Jack is very interested until cow ends up in Jacks face at which point he screams. Then Dean screams, and eventually mommy has to remind herself not to scream.
Exhibit B: Dean gets to hold Jack in his lap with Daddy very close by. Jack is screaming...so is Dean because he thinks it's funny that Jack is screaming.
We remind Dean to calm down and be kind to little brother. Be gentle. So Dean gives him a kiss (his favorite thing to do with little Jack, but usually while trying to lean his total body weight on him).
Dean: Uh-oh. pac-ier pac-ier! (He helps put it back in to Jack's mouth.)
Dean gives us one of his ham it up smiles. I think he just took that same pacifier out of Jack's mouth. Poor Jack. So loved, yet mistreated.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Little More Experience

You would think that I'd have learned a few tricks with my first child so that I'd not make as many mistakes with my second child. Unfortunately, I've just become more relaxed, less cautious, and maybe a bit more lazy.

Note to self: Be ready with a diaper while examining the circumcision or you're likely to have him pee in your face. Dean never got me in the face. What have I been reduced to?

A cute picture of the boys. Some of you have seen this already on my Facebook page. Sorry for the repeat...again with the laziness.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jack David

November 24, 2008 12:27 p.m.
9 lbs 12ounces 21 inches

Dean's reaction to homecoming. Double click to enlarge picture.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Birthing Center

I'll definantly be making a trip to the birthing center this morning for some painful contractions. Surely I'll come home with a baby.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Something Different

Sorry, folks still no little one.

Dean has been spending a lot of time with Grandma these past few weeks. She's a pretty fun grandma to be around, but she's also not afraid to discipline. He's at a very honery, push the limits stage, but often his naughtiness makes you want to laugh. But you can't, you've got to keep him in line. He's also picking up language like no tomorrow and runs around parroting everyone.

Dean's been trying out different names for grandma, most of them sound like grandma. Some things he's tried...gam-ma, gram, g, omah, ammy, gammy, ga, and other variations all missing the r sound. The funniest one he saves for when he's really mad at her. Then she becomes "Damn-ma"...seriously.

"Dean, don't hit the glass with your firetruck."
"No, Damnma!"


What's another day or two? I've come down with the stomach virus as of this morning. What rotten timing. So, I think we'll be waiting to induce. Unless stomach ickiness induces babies. Bleh!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Yucky Tummies

I am the last person standing at the house. Lucas has had the tummy virus, Dean started his round yesterday, and tonight my mom has been taken down by it. I feel horrible for all of them. The timing of course is almost hilarious. Almost. Tomorrow morning is our call to see about my being induced. I do wonder what happens if I come down with it before then. If I don't, my poor mother is at home with my toddler.

I'll try to post again when we've got a baby or something.

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Latest


Still pregnant. Officially 1 week over due. Will start day 20 of in and out of labor tomorrow. When I made a visit to the doctor's office today, he set up to possibly induce on Sunday. The directions are to call the birthing center at 10 and see if they're too busy or if they've got some time. So...we continue to wait and see what will happen.

Also, Dean is super, duper, pukey, blow out the pants sick. We've had a constant load of laundry cleanup going since about 11 last night. I sure hope I can steer free of the illness and that our washing machine and dryer don't break. Poor little one. It stinks to be so sick!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Some funny things the nurses/doctors have told me.

The doctor says to come back when things are more intense. 5 minutes apart and 1 minute long doesn't seem to be doing much. (1.5 weeks ago)

If your contractions get down to 10 minutes call the birthing center. (today)

Eat lightly...toast, broth, etc. (2.5 weeks ago, I'd be starving!)

I won't let you go past your due date. (1 month ago)

I'm thinking we'll induce next Thursday because your baby is much to large. (3 weeks ago)

The birthing center seems busy today, maybe we'll induce next week (2 weeks ago).

It seems like your body is handling this labor pretty well. We'll give it until next Friday and then I'll scare the baby out. (1 week ago)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

17 Days of Glory

Well, what is there to say? To all my adoring fans. I am still pregnant.

Some things I've learned these past days:

Most home remedies for inducing your little one cause more irregular contractions than you are already experiencing, but nothing too exciting.

One can enter more serious labor, only to go back to the "calm" stages of labor.

Contractions are tiring.

I can patiently learn to do things like cross stitch while I await.

I maybe even enjoy cross stitching...a little bit.

Ok, I've maybe become the teeniest addicted to my current cross stitching project.

I still do not enjoy shopping, but can manage to do so for nearly 20 hours in two weeks.

After shopping for that many hours, I can somehow manage to buy nothing more than candy for in case my body gets more serious about this labor business.

Labor candy doesn't last very long when you eat it every night and morning during contractions.

Brownies do not increase productivity during labor.

My mother loves me enough to take off of work and leave her family for an eternity.

Walking does not in fact seem to help with dilation in my case.

In other news, Dean has been totally hilarious. He's beginning to speak more clearly and has become one of the most ornery children I know. I love him to pieces. Lucas is still working extra hard at home and work. He's been wonderful. We bought each other a new TV for Christmas and he's spent the last few days mounting it on the wall and running cords in baby safe ways.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Sun Will Come Up

Tomorrow will be the 14th day of our little labor adventure and as of yet, it seems that I will still be nurturing my sweet boy inside my tummy. Which is not such a bad thing because Lucas has come down with a nasty stomach virus today. He is sick...sick...sick. Please God, don't let any of the rest of us get sick. And help him to heal quickly of course.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Visit with Good Ol' Doc

Well, folks. Our little visitor has not yet visited. He's still nestled tightly in my ginormous ever growing belly. The doc says that sometimes this happens and by the way I had entered Active Labor and returned to Early Labor, but yes I am still in labor. Who makes up these rules anyway? As for what we're going to do about it all. Wait. And probably wait some more. The baby is still large, but my body seems to be handling things ok so far. I have an appointment for Friday of next week at which point the doctor will do something to "scare the baby out". And...that's all folks.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

O Baby

Yup, there's still a baby in my belly. Some great things about this baby: It is still moving...a lot. It has quiet times where it seems to be resting (Dean didn't). He has a fun name and some really cute announcements. He has some little bitty feet and toes. I can feel them through the skin on my tummy. Toes people!

I've started my 10th day of labor, though this one seems less eventful than others because things have really slowed down in my body. My poor mother drove down the night of Day 1 because we thought surely the doc's diagnosis of true labor contractions meant that I'd be having the baby ANY MINUTE. She's still here. Her work office is still wondering when she'll return. I'm still calling my office every day and humiliating myself with the news of still no baby, sorry I left in such a rush 10 DAYS AGO, I just really didn't want to face another day with those cute little third graders.

We have tried some goofy things to get the labor progressing and "just in case". We've made multiple trips to the local drug store for things like jolly ranchers for the hard core labor, baby safe q-tips, raspberry leaf tea (to promote labor, and which we have yet to find), etc. We've been shopping for DAYS looking for Christmas presents my mom needs to buy anyway and crafty Christmas needlework, which we also have yet to find. We've walked, and walked, and walked. We've push pressure points you're not supposed to push. We've eaten spicy foods, gotten pedicures, sat for hours on birthing balls, cleaned, nested, etc. Our baby announcements are all crafty, cute, and ready for us to put the important things on them. You know, like the date of birth and the picture. I very carefully made a sample announcement first complete with the date of the 7th. The 7th came and went, so I changed it to the 9th...AND PRINTED it again. As you can tell, that didn't help things along either.

The funniest part of all of this...

My due date is this coming Saturday. Yes, ladies and gentlemen I have been waiting impatiently for almost 2 weeks for a baby that isn't due anyway. I would not be impatient, and could care less how quickly he comes...except did I mention that I've been having the really strong take my breath away cramps that cause a lot of aching and pain in my nether regions called CONTRACTIONS. I always knew God would teach me patience one day. I hope he is successful this time because I really don't want another lesson like this.

Well my little one. Today would be a great birth day. I know a wonderful person who was born today. She is witty, hilarious, crafty, gentle, creative, soothing, and a great mother. If that doesn't work for you, tomorrow would also be a great day. I know someone (her daughter) who was born on that day. She is spunky, crazy, funny, energetic, always coming up with new ideas, and sees the world through eyes that bring joy and laughter to those around her.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Waiting Game

Ok, so this isn't a very interesting post, but rather a quick update. I am still pregnant, exhausted, sore, and ready to meet the little one. My contractions have really slowed down today. We'll be at the doctor's on Thursday at which point I guess I might learn more. Or not. Anyway, sorry to have gotten everyone so excited last week with the beginnings of a long labor.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Frustration Sets In

Last night I really thought I was going to have the baby. I had contractions every 3 to 5 minutes starting at 8:30 p.m. and they HURT. Lucas and I went to the birthing center while mom watched Dean. I wasn't making any more progress since my exam on Thursday, so they sent me home to get some rest until it got "more intense". About 4:30 this morning, it got less intense. Now I'm back to 6 minute contractions that take my breath away, but aren't painful. The wait continues...

Friday, November 7, 2008


I am still pregnant. Still in labor. Still waiting to see those little tiny feet. When I went to the doctor yesterday, he decided not to induce because well, I am already in labor. A long, slow, tiring, labor. So I wait for God to decide and hope that time is before my momma's two weeks with me.

In the mean time, we've been walking, shopping, hopping up and down on birthing balls, and designing an oh so cute birth announcement.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I am no longer prenatal, nor am I post natal. Does that make me natal?

I've been having strong contractions 10 minutes apart for over a minute each. For. Two. Days. Yup ladies and gentlemen, two days of early labor. What fun! Mom came down to help out Monday night and we've been waiting and passing the time together since then. We've walked the malls and neighborhood. We've driven quickly over bumpy roads. Not much has changed, but we know the baby is working its way into the world. I'll introduce him when we next have a moment and he's no longer relaxing in my cushy tummy, but rather in my comforting arms.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Dean was able to eat dinner tonight and has not had a fever all day. Yay antibiotics! Keep up the good work. I was reading on my sister in law's blog about how we spoil our kiddos when they are sick sometimes. The same is true here at this household. Whatever it takes to help the poor thing fall asleep. It must be pretty rough to have a sore throat, ear, and chest. He's well enough now to head back to daycare where I hope he has a great day tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Scheduled Baby

I had a doctor visit today. Everything is looking well, but the baby is still on the larger side. My doctor is considering inducing the baby next Friday (the 7th), but we won't decide for sure until the day before. He's thinking that would save us from a possible c-section and other complications like we had with Dean. Anyway, until then...I guess I should think about resanitizing the house. Dean's been coughing all over everything.

Monday, October 27, 2008

So Very Sick

It must be that time of the year again. I am home with my precious Dean because he is so very ill. He has another ear infection (no suprise there), bronchitis, and a very sore throat. The doc thought that the throat might be strep, but didn't test for it because the dear is getting antibiotics either way. He's given me lots of practice for the new baby today. I've spent most of the day holding him andmy arms/back are very tired. A few months ago, he wouldn't have allowed me to hold him when he was feeling poorly. I'm glad I'm able to comfort him now.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Has anyone seen my ankles? I seem to have lost them. At first I thought I just couldn't find them cause my belly was in the way, but, when I propped up my feet, they were still missing.

I am still pregnant, still contracting, and still tired. It's not terribly bad as I've got my little goof ball and husband around to keep me entertained. They've been pretty funny lately. Though I can't think of any stories at the moment.

Also, I have officially finished my Christmas shopping! What? Haven't you? Don't look at me like that! Christmas is just around the corner! If you don't get your little patootie out there and start doing the same, you might miss the entire holiday. It will just slip right by.

Seriously though, I just know that I won't want to deal with it after I've had the baby. Shopping early this year kept it as a fun activity for me. Thank you all for allowing me to use you to achieve my nesting instincts. To clarify, I only bought for family members, and even then, just Lucas' and my parents, siblings, nieces, and nephews. Those of you from his side of the family might not realize how that creates a list of 20 something people for us. So, uh, if you're not one of those people. We still love you dearly, and if we ever win the lotto, we'll go berserk buying gifts for all. If I was a really good girl, I'd be typing out a Christmas letter to attach a picture of family and new baby to. I'm not a really good girl. I wasn't last year either.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

What's in a Name?

Ok...so we might change the name. My hormonal self has created doubt in my own head and sent us back to the name search. Poor Lucas.

I went to the see a nurse practitioner today for my weekly checkup. Everything is ok. The baby's heartbeat sounded wonderful. And, yes, those are contractions that started on Saturday. Not to worry though, just call us if they get to be under ten minutes and cross your legs honey. Baby needs at least a week more of incubation. If this son is anything like my other darling, we'll have contractions for WEEKS and then he will show up right when he's due. Until then, I just keep plugging along.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Still Chubby

I've got pictures. I've got ideas, but I've been to tired (or maybe it's lazy) to post much lately. Mostly I just want to sleep, or prop my feet up with a book. Which I don't usually have the chance to do between work and my little lovely one here at home.

We had a visit from Dean's great grandma, grandma, and granddad this weekend. It was so nice to have them here entertaining Dean and helping to keep him out of trouble (and to get into some). I had a lot of time to sit on the couch with my book. Pure bliss.

So, in the news that is no news. I am still pregnant. I have 4 weeks left of countdown. The doctor has informed me that I am anemic which seems super easy to fix...take some iron pills girl! Dean has been sleeping mostly through the nights. The nights he doesn't he crawls into our bed and goes back to sleep...no screaming banshee. My husband has been a doll and super helpful, patient, and all around a great guy. I have found myself wanting to sit on the couch with either my dad or my mom during the past few weeks. I think so that I can be a non-parent again and just someone else's kid. I miss that, but wouldn't trade the new bond I have with both of my parents through becoming one myself. Life has been treating me well.

Oh...and we've chosen a name. Unless of course I take a look at our new bundle and change my mind.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chubby Chunkins

Some of you have been wondering what my tummy might look like now a days. No, I am not pushing it up, just making sure that my skirt doesn't hang straight down so you can really see the shape and size. Pretty big huh?
I am in my 7th month and happy to say that my gestational diabetes test came back with good results. I just barely scored under the qualifying blood sugar marks. Yay me!
I am finally cool enough at work to have earned a nickname. Cause you know, when people give you a nickname it usually means that you are part of the group and well likes. Even if your nickname is Chubby Chunkins...
In other good news that I'm absolutely obsessed with: Dean has been sleeping through the night for about a week. And he's not been waking up until 5:30. And he's happy most of the time. Well, until tonight when daddy accidentally cut off the tip of his finger. Blood, oh so much blood. But I think the little kiddo's going to be fine. Hormonal mommy needs to take a chill pill though.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Some evenings we all lay on the quilt and watch airplanes and birds fly overhead. Daddy lies with us too, but somebody had to take the picture. Yes, I am wearing a work shirt paired with Lucas' gym pants. Ahhh, the comforts of home after a day at work. Also, we're on the quilt I made Lucas for our first Christmas. Let me rephrase that. We're on the only quilt I've ever made.

Dean likes to take the road less traveled on. You'll notice the huge area of flat grass he could easily ride his bike on.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sugary Sweetness

Well, no more sugary cereal snacking for me. I've been cut off. My glucose test results came in today and they didn't look too hot. I have high blood sugar and have to go in for some more tests to determine if I've got Gestational Diabetes. In the mean time I'm to have no simple sugars. Bummer. I guess I'm hoping to go in and take the fasting blood sugar test and have them tell me that I'm not a diabetic, but need to be a bit on the careful side.

On better news, I think Dean may actually be healthy again. I totally base this on the fact that he actually ate his dinner tonight. He hasn't done that in a few days. He also played after dinner...yeah, he PLAYED. How totally cool!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Not so Robust

When I was a department store today a woman stopped me to ask about Dean's age. When I told her that he was 1 1/2 her jaw dropped and she actually gasped. As she started to look embarrassed about her reaction, I quickly laughed and told her I knew he was rather large. Apparently she was hoping to compare him to the size of her 4 year old grandson so she'd know what size clothes to get for him. She said that Dean was much taller. I guess we weren't much help. She did say something about how he must be healthy and robust...

Funny that later in the evening he broke out in some funky face rash and started telling me that his ear hurt. Then he began vomiting up a storm. With all of his illnesses (mostly ears), I can't help but think that my little monkey isn't so robust after all.

Also this: We were at the department store Christmas shopping. I think that's my way of nesting, because I know I won't be able to go shopping much once the baby comes...then a month later it's Christmas. What a nerd! I am finding some gifts on sale. I also bought Dean's presents already with him right there with me. By Christmas he'll have forgotten all about them I suppose. We got a toy phone, vacuum, and one of those boxes with the holes in different shapes to match the cubes in different shapes to. Already I want to pull them out and let him play with them because I'm curious if he'll like them or not.

Washing Dishes

We're trying to train him to do the dishes early so that it's not an issue later in life. Some one must have been reading Shel Silverstein to him. He dropped a glass yesterday and he doesn't have to do the dishes anymore.

Note: We're not really trying to teach him to do the dishes...he pulled the chair over and gave it a shot all by his lonesome. And, he did break a glass yesterday.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Chew 'em Up and Spit 'em Out

We had Back to School Night tonight. By we I mean that I as the teacher had to get up in front of a bunch of parents and give a little power point presentation. I talk all the live long day in front of little kiddos with no problem, but stick me in front of a bunch of adults for 30 minutes and the pressure is on.

This is my 5th Back to School Event flying solo. I went in all cool and collected expecting the normal questions and a few concerns about me leaving their poor babies with a substitute while I'm on maternity leave. I've been teaching long enough (and enough grades) to feel confident and knowledgeable about my subject matter. I knew what to expect...or so I thought.

I have never been grilled quite the way I was tonight. The parents came at me hard with questions ranging from our state budget and student standards to questions about the lunches and recesses. I came out of it a little burnt around the edges, but thankful that I at least knew what I was talking about. When a parent came to me at the end and apologized for putting me on the spot, I thanked her for being so interested in her child's education. And I meant it!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Never Ending

I find myself wondering if Dean has some sort of sleeping disorder. For the past month and 1/2 he has woken from every nap or bedtime screaming and running around like a crazy boy screaming his head off in hysterics. When he came down with a fever about 2 weeks ago, we took him to the doctor and sure enough, he had yet another ear infection. Well, his medicine is all gone, he seems to be acting like normal, but the kids still doesn't sleep well. Sleep training be damned.
Yesterday we were fooled as he only woke at 2, was easily comforted back to sleep and didn't wake again until 6. I thought that maybe things were headed back to what passes for normal in some people's lives. I say "headed back" because we did experience this bliss ourselves for a month or two this summer. Then, 3:30 AM screaming toddler that can't seem to go back to sleep, but is very obviously tired. I've been thinking that maybe his ears are still infected, but some of this time he's been awake he has been trying to jump up and down on daddy while singing his favorite version of "Old Mcdonald". Yes, there is more than one version. Dean has created his own unique words and tune, but there is clearly an EIEIO. It is 4:50. He has been quiet for maybe 5 minutes. But...he's fooled me a few times tonight.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

It's Potty Time!

After partying all weekend at Grandma CC's house, Dean came home and used the big boy potty! Lucas changed his very stinky diaper and Dean hopped off of the changing table demanding to use the potty. Then he really did! Way to go little champ. I look forward to more of these...events.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

When It Rains

The past few days have been rather hectic with my setting up of a new classroom, again, and starting a brand new class, also again. Just when I thought I was so exhausted that I couldn't possibly add one more thing to my list, God reminded me of the strength I have in Him and that anything is possible.

Dean was up all night with a HORRIBLE fever and what turned out to be yet another ear infection. Poor, poor boy. After some crazy scheduling to get Lucas to work and back and me to work for the day, I went and taught my new 3rd graders. At the end of a challenging day, I went to get in my truck and run home to my boys. Only...the truck wouldn't start. The battery was D-E-A-D, dead, deeeaaad! I couldn't get a hold of my dearest husband, my emergency roadside assistance card had expired, I had no water, and it was over 100 degrees.

But, I had a win today. Lucas gallantly dragged my poor sick son over to my school and jump started the truck about an hour later. While I took Dean home, that same husband who spent an entire day with a screaming toddler, two hours in the doctors office with same screaming toddler, and had also been up ALL NIGHT LONG!, went to my favorite burger joint bought us a yummy dinner and surprised me with a milk shake. Not just any milkshake, but a vanilla shake...yummy in preggo lady's tummy! I am so glad that the worst of my problems right now are an ear infection, a job change, and a dead battery. After all, my son is still relatively healthy, I have a job in an economically difficult time, and our truck is not broken. Praise God!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Flexible, It's My Middle Name

Many of you know that I often have to change things in my life. Where I live...the school that I teach at...the grade level I teach...

This school year is no exception. I've been teaching a lovely Kindergarten class for the last 3 days, only to find out today that I will start teaching a third grade class on Monday. Huh. My goal is nearly complete. I have taught K, 1st, 4th, 5th, and 6th grades. After this year, I will only have 2nd grade left to tackle and then I'll be a REAL elementary school teacher I guess. Those of you who don't know, most teachers teach maybe 1 or 2 grades most of their career. I seem to be the exception.

This week I am reminded of how much my life has changed since I've become a mother. I seem to be able to do more before 6:30 A.M. than I ever thought possible. I started this morning at 4:30 with a crying toddler. I spent the next few hours trying to calm said toddler down as he ran around the house screaming bloody murder (because he woke up too early), unloading the dishwasher, showering, getting dressed, doing my make up, packing lunches, getting Dean dressed, cleaning the kitchen counters, picking up toys, loading up the car, and taking out the trash (and of course keeping the screaming toddler out of trouble). Granted, most days do not quite start like this, but gone are the days when I could get up and out of the house in 20 minutes with blissful silence as I struggled to awaken fully. Of course, I am often rewarded for all of my hard work and my change in life style with images like this:

Note: I always laugh at how many grammar and spelling mistakes I make whenever I post that I am a teacher. Please forgive my sleep deprived (and did I mention pregnant) self. Oh, and I never did learn how to spell. *grin*

Saturday, August 16, 2008


One can always tell when my vacations are over and I return to school. How do they know? I go missing in action. Sorry about that.

I've been in trainings, orientations, and staff meetings for the past two weeks. On top of those fully scheduled days, I've also had to set up my classroom and prepare for the first week. Lucas has been wonderful as he always is every start of the school year. The last few nights he's had toddler duty while I stayed at work until they kicked me out.

This next week should be interesting for all three (or four) of us. On Monday I start my new class of Kindergarteners, Lucas starts his new project and crew at work, and Dean will hopefully finally settle in during his 3rd week at his new daycare. Yes, once again, we all have to figure out how to juggle hectic schedules, family time, and sanity. I'm hoping I don't drop the ball on that middle one.

Interesting baby news:
Ummm...still in there. I know this because he has squirmed his way under my ribcage and into the joints of my hips oh so many times. This one has been kind of fun because I see some things I didn't get to see with Dean. While taking a bath earlier this week, I am pretty sure I saw an elbow come lurching out of my stomach with a seemingly thin piece of my skin stretched over it. Amazing! With Dean my stomach looked more like a wave pool at the local water park.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Name Game

I've been looking at baby names on the internet, because, uh, I've got to pick one in the next few months. Some of the names give me a good giggle by themselves, but placed with my last name are hilarious. Those of you who know my last name, try and pair these with it...


Yeah, ok so I AM looking at the B and C sections. I'll be in letter D next.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Left Out

I enjoy adding a little challenge to my day by feeding my son the most sugary cereal I can find. Unfortunately for Dean, his brother's the only one that gets to partake. Oh pregnancy and bad for you foods. When will I stop!?


I absolutely love to look at Dean's little feet. His tiny toes are absolutely adorable and I often cannot refrain from reaching out and tickling them.

Today, those thoughts were absolutely crushed...destroyed even...as I unpacked all of Dean's newborn clothes for the new baby. Just look at those socks. Can human feet really truly come in that size? I'm having a really hard time imagining Dean's chunky feet squishing into those tiny finger puppet socks. And yet, I know that they used to fit him, even with a little room left over. I'm finding that I feel as though I have lost that part of Dean. I guess I have, but what I've gained is so much more fun.

Which brings me to my next flow of thoughts and hormonal feelings. I am going to have another little tiny baby with the cutest little toes that can absolutely swim in those same petite socks. And he will scream and cry...a lot. Only this time, I'll have that big toddler boy running around causing ruckus to remind me to enjoy all of the "little" things about new baby while they're still little. Entering my third trimester, I'm feeling a little freaked out by the whole thing. Mostly, I'm feeling so very, very blessed. I am one lucky woman to experience this not only once, but twice. Not everyone gets that chance. Sniff. Does anyone have a tissue?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cooling Off

Note: To skip all of the wordiness and go straight for the pictures, scroll down.

The weather here has continued to be in the 100s, so we took a mini-vacation to the beach at the end of last week. Our original plan at the beginning of the summer was to go camping. Knowing it would be so hot, we were trying to decide between the mountains and the beach as they are generally cooler than here in the valley. Well, eventually, the tent camping idea became a trailer camping idea and before we knew it my rather large pregnant butt had decided that what we really needed was a nice hotel stay with lots of pillows, a comfy bed, and a shower.

I really love to camp, but have some pretty horrid memories of our last camping trip. On that trip I was also pregnant, and just overcoming the morning sickness stage. I thought I could be a tough girl and rough it with the best of them, tentless in the late fall, and just skip the extra long hike everyone was planning on. I had a really good book and nature. I'd be fine. About an hour after we laid down to sleep, I got the chills and started loudly vomiting. How embarrassing. Lucas and I were trying to decide whether to go home or just stay. After all, it was just morning sickness. Nothing new or life threatening. 20 some odd hours later I was in the emergency room with an IV to give me both fluid and potassium and a bunch of meds to try to stop the vomiting. Somewhere on the trip I'd gotten food poisoning or came down with a stomach virus. ICK!

This "camping trip" was much more pleasant. The hotel room was nice and clean and included a continental breakfast. We had only to walk down a steep hill to reach the bay and a very short drive to hit the sandy beach. I found everything Dean did or said hilarious. Each action and word from Lucas seemed endearing and nurturing. I hardly had to pick Dean up and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. I was really sad when it was time to leave my little piece of heaven.

In these pictures you will notice that Dean is carrying around a large piece of tubular seaweed. My engineer, very straight and narrow husband is sometimes creative in that he thinks of solutions for problems that I would never think of. Sometimes he's even a little goofy. This weekend, I saw a brand new side of him as he introduced Dean to the tube seaweed and told him it was a rat tail. Then they proceeded to run up and down the beach with their "rat tails" making ridiculous noises and having a grand old time. I wish I'd had my camera for that one, but I had to run back to the car to get it. By the time I came back the rat tail had become some tubular thing coming out of the sandcastle. Dean held the other end of it for hours and made water hose and vacuum cleaner noises while daddy excavated the mote. Tons of fun!

Oh and because this entry just absolutely isn't long enough. You can check out the progress on my pregnant belly by double clicking on the picture to the left.

Monday, July 28, 2008

A Nice Change

Oh, changing table, you wonderful invention. I adore you more and more each day. No longer do I have to twist my body awkwardly to pin my son down with my legs while changing poopy diapers. Breathtaking kicks to my inner thighs and tummy have not been experienced in weeks. Instead my son has been placed lovingly close to my face so that I can smile and sweetly talk to him while he high kicks me in the nose.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lipstick and Crayons

Melted Crayon Before and After

Thanks for the advice on removing lipstick and crayons from the seat of my car. I didn't realize what WD-40 even was. I guess I thought it was an oil of some sort to use on bike chains and door hinges. It cleans things...who knew?
I was able to get most of the crayon out, though there are two faint orange spots left behind. The lipstick took maybe three blottings and then it was totally out. That stuff is amazing.

Dean has a hard time going down for a nap. Unless he is in the car. This is him at the stoplight outside of Target where we were shopping and he was wide awake. Funny...

Monday, July 21, 2008

It's Curtains for Night Time Lights

I've whipped together some curtains for the boys rooms to keep Dean from ruining the blinds. He likes to pull on them, usually bending them in the process. Now by whipped together, I of course mean, hastily sewed as quickly as possible so as to be finished. As in, don't inspect too closely or you will find very crooked seems, uneven bottoms, and a bunch of sloppy work. When my mother taught me to sew, I remember her telling me that her grandmother had said that the back should look as nice as the front. Well, mom, don't look at the back...or the front for that matter, because, well, I didn't take my time and and do the neat job that I am perfectly capable of. They did turn out kind of cute, and definantly functional. As we all know, in a year or so we'll move from this place to another and start our window treatment adventure anew.

You can see some of my other "nesting" projects in these pictures too. We've got wall stickers up and the baby's room is mostly ready to go. I've only to wash his clothes and place them in the drawers. If we had him tomorrow, we'd be ready.
As always, double click on the pictures to get a larger view.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Does anyone know how to get melted crayon out of the seat of your car...oh and lipstick too.

I take complete blame for the crayon because I didn't see Dean sneak it off of the kitchen table and into the car. It must have been in his pocket. The lipstick is Daddy's fault though, because he let Dean play in the car while he was washing it. He didn't realize that I keep some potentially messy things in the center console.

Monday, July 14, 2008

How Roomy

I've been working on turning the guest room into the baby's room. It's mostly done now. I added some curtains, put up decorative cloud stickers on the wall, bought a dresser, and arranged furniture. We were wanting to buy a four drawer dresser to double as a changing table, but were unable to find what we were looking for. We broke down and bought a changing table too. A very good friend of the family had offered to buy us a changing table for Dean, but at the time we were living in a tiny house without enough room for one. In hindsight, we should have accepted the offer and crammed it in our tiny house. Who'd have known we were going to move?

Yesterday we were putting the changing table together, and Dean fell right into one of the corners of it. He hit his chin so hard that it jammed his lower teeth into the roof of his mouth causing a some bleeding. Thankfully we were able to stop the bleeding and there was no need of stiches, but the little tike is pretty bruised and sore.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Weather and Other Exciting Things

In my truest writing fashion, I am going to jam a whole bunch of things into one blog posting just like on my favorite news stations. Only I don't watch those anymore because...well, who has the time?

I will start with the weather, because I hate waiting for it on the news. The weather here is totally crummy. Not only do we have low temperatures averaging at 84 degrees, but we have highs averaging at 110 degrees. I guess it has reached 115 a few times. Now, I say the weather HERE, but really it was the same at the last place we lived. As if the temperatures weren't bad enough, the area we live in has one of the worst air qualities in the state in any given season. This summer, we are badly off, because we have some pretty big fires to the east and west of us. Between the smoke and heat, I imagine some people are getting pretty sick. I am grateful for the airconditioning that I have been enjoying.

In night time sleeping news. Dean officially sleeps through the night. He generally yells at me at his door for a bit, then crawls into his bed and goes to sleep. Naps work about the same. He does all of this without any bottles. The only time he seems to awaken at night is when he is teething.

Dean is teething now. The poor baby apparently grew two molars at my mom's house. I was so busy watching for a tooth to match the one he'd just gotten in the front, that I didn't think about molars. His grand ol' daddy crammed his finger into Dean's mouth one day and found two molars that are almost completely in. He's up to 7 teeth, an additional two molars are starting, and then the mysterious matching tooth I imagine will show one day soon. Thank goodness for teething tablets.

We went to have an unltrasound done this week. We'll be having another boy. I am glad the little dude sat on the camera for us, because it is kind of neat to know this time around. Now when I go through his big brother's clothes to prep for birthing time, I know to stick the "boy clothes" in the drawer without any little bows sewn on. There are so many neat things about having another boy of which I am glad.

That said, I found myself feeling a little sad, because I don't know if we'll afford another child. Though, I don't care if I have a girl, it does bring up the question of who I would pass on our family cradle which has held many generations of babies. Traditionally it is passed from oldest daughter to oldest daughter. I've grown up knowing that it would come into my hands one day and wondering if I'd have a little girl to pass it on to. I may still, who knows.

A special thanks to all of you who sent encouraging messages as I went on my sleeping quest. I have started a new one. I am trying to get my husband to sleep through the night. He is often up for a few hours in the middle of the night tossing and turning. I plan to start him off with quiet activities before bedtime (no power tools, internet, or guns) and let him cry it out instead of allowing him to get up every time he awakens to browse the internet. If all of this fails, I will confine him to his room and move into the guest room. I halfway tease, though I do have a dream of one day receiving a full nights rest. I know what you are thinking...umm...second baby in November. I know. I get it. BELIEVE ME, I get it.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Still Going (Day 6)

Dean took his nap on the floor in front of his door today, because I know he sleeps lighter during naptime. Poor kid was really tired when he woke up after 1 hour of sleep instead of 2 1/2..but hey, it was a nap.

Now we're back to crying at the door before going to sleep (for the night I hope). Then tomorrow, I will royally erase all that I have worked for as I travel to my mom's for the week. I, of course, will not back track on the bottle, but I do plan on having him sleep in a pack n' play. I guess that's not so very different because he can crawl out of it. The different part is doing all of this at grandma's house instead of the room he's used to. Poor kiddo. When I started the whole process I thought we'd just be crying it out, which would be over and done with by now.

Anyhow, I'm sure I will begin updating my support group again when I return.

Night Time Sleeper

Who has a kiddo sleeping through the night in a big boy bed? Anyone?

Oh! Oh! I do! I do!

Dean didn't wake until just before six. Now we just have to get through the crying when he goes to bed, which is managable if heart breaking. The really tough one was that first night where he was up most of the night crying. I honestly thought that it would be a few nights of that, but it was just the one.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day 5

Well, the saga of course continues. Dean and I took apart his crib and placed a new door handle on the door in hopes of keeping him in his room a little easier. The new door handle is the regular old door knob that you have to twist to open. The handle we started with was just a lever. No matter, because Dean apparently can open both. The great thing is that the new one has a lock which I placed on the outside so we could lock him in to keep him from wandering in the middle of the night.

We have started bedtime and he's very upset about sleeping in the new bed. He's been at the door screaming for quite some time. I hate it. Though, I don't know how to make it any easier for him. It's just a part of growing up kiddo.

Nap: 1/2 minute to sleep (crib), climbed out when nap was finished.
8:00-35 minutes asleep in front of door, Lucas tried to move him to his bed and he awoke.
8:40- 10 minutes asleep in front of door again

I guess the question is, do you leave the kid where ever he falls asleep or do you move him to his own bed. Lucas wants him to be in bed so that if he awakens later, he'll just fall back asleep. I have no idea, so we'll go with that, though it may make for a very long night of waking the poor thing up every time we move him. Where is the "Do This, There's Only One Right Way" manual?

9:25- Lucas moved sleeping Dean to big boy bed, and Dean stayed asleep

Monkey in the Night

Well, because crying it out wasn't complicated enough...

Dean finally realized he can climb out of his crib last night. Thanks a lot little dude! Your timing in sleep issues is right on as usual. So, yeah, crying it out is probably not going to work so well when the little monkey can just get out of bed. I've known he can do it for quite some time, but he hadn't quite figured it out. I finally gave in and just put him down with a bottle so that I could figure something out today. Then I was wistfully hoping he'd wake up this morning not knowing that he could do it. You know? Forget during deep sleep or something. Fat chance, first thing this morning he was out.

Now onto sleep training part II. Sleeping without a bottle AND in the big boy bed.

In other related news...
nap: like maybe 2 minutes
8:00- Maybe 1/2 a minute
8:30- stupid dryer buzzed and woke him up causing him to climb out of the crib
9:00- dunno, ask the bottle
6:30- up for the day

Yeah, that's right Dean slept through the night 3 nights running! *fingers crossed* If that continues, sleeping in the big boy bed won't be as big of a battle, once he is asleep.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sleeping Night 3

Well, we've made progress.

Dean's sleep
nap: 5 minutes to sleep
8:00- 5 minutes to sleep
4:30- 1 hour 15 minutes

Now I'm stuck, is there a time where you still have a tired kid and you just get up with him for the day?

Things I know about myself as a mother:

I would pat, rock, rub, sooth, etc to help him go back to sleep if it helped him.
I would bring him into my own bed.
Iwould be willing to learn how to do the splits if it helped him to get better sleep.

Things I'm grateful for:
Nothing will help Dean except to leave him alone. Everything else makes it harder for him to fall back asleep because he is tired but he wants to play. This is a good thing so that I don't end up with an 8 year old and all future children sleeping in my bed after the bedtime ritual of rocking, patting, soothing, rubbing, and doing the splits for each of them.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A New Day a New Leaf?

We did change one thing today. We've decided to let him drink from a bottle while we change him into his pjs and read the stories to him. Then we will put him in his crib without the bottle. The bedtime bottle will be the last to go and will gradually get smaller until there isn't one. Tonight that worked very well. He cried for 10 minutes and went to sleep.

Today's Trial (amount of time to fall asleep)
Nap: 30 minutes
8:00- 10 minutes
5:00- Wake up for day

Way to go kiddo! That's 9 hours straight.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sleeping Log

ok, so here it is..my log of Dean's terrible sleeping habits and my own reactions which I hesitate to make public, but must so that I can bear to get through the next few minutes of screaming kid. As many of you know, Dean has not consistently slept through the night since he was seven months old. Also, he was still taking a bottle to bed with him against many pediatrician's and dentist's sound advice. Then, once or twice a night, he was getting another bottle because he would wake up screaming and I REALLY needed sleep to get up and go to work. For a period of 6 months or so I was doing anything I could to get the poor dear back to sleep because of his multiple and horendous ear infections. He's had none since early March (knock on wood).

Here are some things I've learned about Dean. He is not a child that can be rocked, petted, or patted to sleep. Any interaction for him winds him up instead of down. In the past week or so, even the ever trusty bottle does not help him go back to sleep. He does well with consistency as most children do, and is thoroughly disrupted when daycare and homecare ideas are different.

After trying many different options for my poor boy, we're weaning him from the bottle. When I say weaning, I do not mean slow progression because again we have tried that and it didn't work for him. So, as though he is addicted to cigarettes, the poor boy has to go cold turkey. He only takes a bottle to go to sleep and drinks perfectly well from a sippy cup as it is. Today we started plan Cold Turkey.

Naptime: 40 minutes to sleep (not so bad)
8:00- 1 hour to sleep
10:30- 20 minutes to sleep
2:00- 20 minutes to sleep
2:40- 2 hours to sleep

Needless to say, we have one very tired family.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Joys of Water

Dean and I started a swimming class this past Monday. I don't have any pictures because I find it incredibly difficult to take a picture of Dean and I while we are in the water.
Dean loves to play in the water, but has a difficult time with the pool. No he is not afraid, but rather independent. He wants to be able to meander around by himself and play with the other kids. Unfortunately, one would have to be a pretty good swimmer to hang out independetly with other kiddos in 3 feet deep water when he's only 2 1/2 feet tall himself. He's great at kicking, splashing, and other skills we are learning. He's nervous about any part of his face being in the water, so he has yet to blow bubbles.
Some of you will think that swimming lessons for a 17 month old is a little ridiculous. I agree. We're taking the class because just as Dean wants to play with the other kids, this mommy needs other adults to hang out with. Also, we don't have access to a pool and I think it's important for him to have swimming as a part of his life early on.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Workin' Mama

I have found a job for the next school year. Though it wasn't at the same district as I wanted, it's not a bad deal. I will be teaching Kindergarten at a school a few miles from here. This is good, because I do enjoy Kindergarten and I've taught it a few times before.

Also, I have a new fancy phone with a camera and I-tunes and a bunch of other stuff I probably won't use. Yay me! Although it is cool to have an extra camera if I forget to grab mine for something.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


So if you have a year after your wedding to get thank you notes out to your guests, you have until Father's Day to post about Mother's Day right?

Lucas was wonderful and took me up to a redwood forest near our latest of homes. It was exciting to find snow there when it had been in the 100s here. Here are some pics of Dean's first snow and creek. He wasn't too sure about the snow until I taught him to throw snowballs at a stump. That worked wonderfully until his hands started to burn. We didn't have gloves poor fella. As for the creek, he just wanted to dive right in. He thought it was especially fun to put a stick in the water and pull it out to find it covered in moss. Double click the pics for a larger view.

Also, we gave Dean his first hair cut over this last weekend. It's getting warm and his curls were starting to droop. I know what you're thinking. "Were you really thinking he'd eat while you were giving him a cut." No, I wasn't. He ate, then I thought we might as well give him his cut while he was still tied down and I wouldn't have to clean him up twice. Worked nicely. He wasn't afraid or anything. I of course was sad to shave off his fun curls and give him a little boy haircut, but I think he's more comfortable.

If you're trying to call me, you might want to wait awhile. If you're waiting for a call from me, don't. The cell is officially dead as of 6:34 this evening. May it rest in peace. It died in the loving hands of my toddler as I tried to talk on the phone and tear my son away from the grill. I'll let you know when the new phone gets here.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I went to the baby doc today and she chewed on me a little. Apparently I've gained two pounds too much. This has got to STOP! I am very carefully planning my new diet over the last of my bag of chips. What? If I finish them off now, I won't have to worry about them anymore.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Time Well Spent

What did I do after a day at work before I had a child? I think I mostly cooked dinner, did some dishes, and watched a load of T.V. I also worked later because there is always work to do. What a bore!

After I come home from work nowadays, I still generally cook dinner and do the dishes, but I do not watch TV...maybe ever. Unless of course the occasional toddler geared show counts. Added to that list I do all kinds of other fun things. I water flowers, create beautiful works of art with sidewalk chalk, play in the blowup pool, give piggy back and horsey rides, teach a young one to ride his bike, and many other glorious activities.
Now I have to be straight with you, I also change stinky diapers, say "Don't do that." "No, hitting." "Yuck, spit that out." "If you (fill in the blank) one more time, we are going inside." like a million times, dig disgusting things out of said toddler's mouth, lay in an exhausted heap in the middle of the living room while toddler plays around me, and other not so interesting things. All in all, I spend my time more active, engaged, and productively than ever before. And, I love every minute of it.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Modeling Behavior

Warning: This entry has pregnancy sensitive details.

This morning as I prayed to the "porcelin god", Dean was leaning over my shoulder in intense study. After I had finished and we ventured out to the living room, he walked around mimicing my earlier behavior and spitting. I dont think I'm supposed to teach him how to heave into the toilet quite yet. I had preferred to teach him to pee, then poo, and work our way up. Although with his many stomach flus, maybe teaching him this first isn't too bad an idea.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Time for a new phone!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Monday, May 19, 2008

Adventures in Motherhood...and Life

First I have to start with the great time I had with Dean yesterday. After a few fun filled days with my aunt and cousin here to visit, Dean and I spent most of our Sunday alone in the house. It may have been due to pure exhaustion, or simple hormonal imbalance, but he had me laughing until I cried.

It all started when I tried to play with one of the toys he was playing with. He took it from me with a firm no and then gave me a look that was the mirror image of one of my dad's "Shame on you." looks. This I of course found hilarious, because he must have learned that look from me. Though I knew it was rude to laugh because he was very serious, I got the giggles. He responded by walking over to me and telling me to "Shh!" over and over again while placing one little bitty pointer finger over my mouth. I am a horrible role model, because I didn't hush when asked, but only laughed harder. Man those giggles get me every time. A few minutes later he bumped into the dresser and turned around with one finger waving and pointing while he proceded to chew the dresser out. I'm not sure what he was saying, but again...laughter laughter laughter. Poor baby won't think I understand him.

In other adventures, we bought Dean a wading pool for the back yard. It has been in the 100s for over a week now, and my little outdoors boy comes in with a beet red face every time. The pool helps. The problem is that I don't want to create a breeding ground for mesquitos, kill the grass from leaving it in one place to long, or have a generally dirty water place for him to play in. This means that I have to empty the thing every day or so and move it to a new location. Today was my first attempt.

Notes to self:

* wading pools are too heavy for me to just tip and dump
* sucking on one end of a hose with the other end in the water does not create enough of a
vaccum to empty the pool
* stepping on the side of a blow up pool only releases a very small amount of water
* emptying the pool with Dean's new sand pail takes well over 1/2 an hour, even with the little
one's help

Needless to say, after many different strategies, I was finally able to empty the pool quite some time after I started. There must be an easier way.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Ok, so I of course jinxed it, Dean has been waking up the last few nights around 11 and again at 3. Of course I've been working longer days and am wondering if that has something to do with it.

He's learned to sing the E-I-E-I-O part of "Old McDonald". It's really been fun to sing with him. He's given me a giggle a few times when he busts out with his "Old McDonald" at very odd times. Like tonight after he'd been in bed for awhile and must have just finished his bottle. The house was very quiet and still when we suddenly heard him bust out with an E-I-E-I-O. Too funny.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Screaming Update

*whispers* Dean hasn't been screaming for over a week. Shhh...

Also this: He's been sleeping from 11 to 6 or 6:30 most nights. I hope I don't jinx it.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


The other day I was cooking dinner while Dean was playing. I thought he had gone back to play in his room because I usually have the other doors locked for his safety. When things were suddenly too quiet, my mommy instinct kicked in a little too late. I rushed down the hall to catch him before he got into too much mishief, only to find him at the toilet with one of his bath cups full of toilet water...which he was drinking! YUCK!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

There's a Baby in There!

We had our first pictures of the new baby yesterday. My due date has stayed the same (Nov. 15) and the little one is about 2 inches long. I know I am housing a little baby in my tummy, but those pictures always freak me out/excite me a bit. Cause...holy moly, there is a baby in there...and it looks human...and in MY tummy. The best part was listening to its heart beat. That means I haven't killed it. Thank God! Now I've got to set Detective Sarah (cousin) on the trail to figure out if it is a girl or boy. Yes, I'd like to know this time.

In the picture of the baby (left) it is facing down. The tailbone and leg are to the left, the spine at the top, and the head is at the right of that bean shaped black area. I think there must be an arm in front of the face/head area. If not, it's missing an arm. Hehehe! Oh and as always, if you double click on either picture, you will see a larger image. Also, I will be 12 weeks along this coming Saturday.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

My "Little" Boy

We bought Dean a toddler bed today. I don't plan on starting to use it until the end of the summer or he crawls out of his crib, whichever happens first. We were just going to throw a mattress on the floor like my brother does, but I thought a toddler bed for $50 was too good to pass up. I'm waiting to post a picture of it until we've set it up and I'm posting about my trials of keeping my toddler who doesn't sleep through the night in a bed. Stay tuned...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Screaming Success

Well, after a week and a half of vomiting and diarrhea Dean is finally back to himself. Poor boy! He did sleep through the night for one glorious week and is now back to his nightly wakings, though he's sleeping in blessed 5 hour chunks. I can deal with that.

He does have some new things he has been trying out. He can now climb into all chairs in the house and prefers the one at the computer table. The great thing about our laptop is that we can close the "lid" so he doesn't bang on the keys. He is also very proficient (teacher term) at climbing from the chairs to the dining room table where he likes to stand and say "Mama!" I'm glad he still tells me when he's doing something dangerous.

His other love of the moment is the phone. He has always enjoyed the telephone, but now he walks around with his hand to his ear (no actual phone) and talks to...somebody. In this picture, he's talking to grandma.

Of course I have saved the best for last. He has become in the habit of screaming. At daycare it's a game they started playing recently. One kid screams and the rest call back with their own scream. They are all very serious, so I guess it's not really a game. Apparently they are communicating. I do wish he'd left this new trick at daycare, because it drives me nuts. Well, except sometimes, like in this video where I find it funny.
I will not be offended if you do not like to watch someone elses kid scream and choose not to watch this video.

Does anyone have tips on how to stop screaming kids? I've tried ignoring him, taking him outside right away so he knows to save it for outside, and telling him no. What worked for you?

Friday, April 11, 2008

Still Going

Dean's still pretty ill. Poor baby isn't keeping much down or in. I hope he is well soon and back to his old naughty self. One of the brighter outcomes is that he has slept through the night the past two nights. I'd rather we'd come to that through other means though.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

There I was feeling sorry for myself

Time to stop complaining about my woes. I had to leave work early today because Dean is ill. Poor baby can't keep anything down. I hope he feels better soon, I feel bad for him.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Preggo Update

So, someone text messaged me today to ask me about my due date, but their number was blocked. I have no idea who sent the text. In an effort to answer the phantom person, I am posting that info here and hoping that texter also reads my blog.

According to my last appointment, I am due on November 15th. My next appointment will measure the baby and I should be receiving an "official" date.

Other pregnancy news...the first trimester's really a bummer. I'm not far enough to look wonderfully pregnant, feel a little one moving, or have any other exciting events. On the not so exciting event list my tummy feels crummy, I'm really tired, and my clothes are now officially ill fitting. Though I have not yet vommited (had a few close calls)this time around, I am praying that I do not at the interview I have in about a week. I'm also praying that one of my suits fits.

In better news, Dean is suffering from the terrible crankier than anything twos just in time to remind me how rewarding this second baby will be. No, he's not yet two. As with other things he hit this stage a little early. In all honesty, he is a joy to be around and still does really cute and ridiculous stuff, by I'm too moody to blog about it all. Damn hormones.

Yeah, so those of you who are always talking about how nice it would be if we lived in the same town again, or in the first place, be glad we do not. Be very glad. I am one moody chickadee. I have the most absurd thoughts and feelings. Colors of paint make me ill, the smell of my couch makes me angry, I have mad cravings and horrible tummy aches after I give in to them, and the next student that sits next to me after returning from PE may have to explain to her mom why the teacher sprayed her down with the water hose. I know my thoughts are rediculous, and thus this is the first I have voiced them. I try to keep my attitude and tummy driven mania to myself.

As I've been telling Lucas. I know that I say I am not enjoying this pregnancy, but man I DO NOT want a miscarriage. I really want this baby...I am so very excited and curious to see Dean and baby interact while they grow up. I am one very blessed woman.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Well Taken Care Of

I haven't yet shared some of the amazing things God has done in my life. Right now it seems to be saving my little tush from possible financial disappointments. During the past 3 years, I have been participating in two grant programs that help pay portions of my student loans so long as I work in a low income school. To receive the largest possible amount, I must do this for 5 years in a row. After hearing some of the teachers talk in the staff room lately, I found out that my current school has never been qualified as low income. I was disappointed and starting to plan a new loan payoff system. However, today I found out that this school year is the first one that will qualify my school as low income. Yay for me! I'm not sure what I've done that deserves such blessings, but I am very appreciative of them all. I do have many.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

7 weeks

I'm getting a bump and wondering if people would be starting to notice that I'm pregnant or if they'll think I'm just gaining some weight. With my current job situation I'm not sure which to wish for.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

O Glorious Night

Dean slept from 8 to 5. Way to go little one. I changed his diaper and gave him a bottle, but he was having a tough time falling back asleep. An hour later I decided it was time to just get out of bed and let him be up for the day, so I took him out in the living room and sat down with him in the new rocking chair. He fell asleep! My little Dean who hates to sit on my lap and especially in a rocking chair, shifted around until he was comfortable and dozed off. I loved the feeling of his little sleeping body in my arms. Now, if I can get him to do all of this tonight too...my fingers are crossed, but I've been tricked before.

Thanks for the Birthday present Dean. I turn 28 today. I was about 4 years old when my mom turned 28 and I'm the third kiddo in the family. My younger brother would have been 2. I'm glad for her sake that though she had 4 of us already, we were all sleeping through the night.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Craving #1

Tuna fish pasta, which I'm nervous will make my tummy icky later. I made it for dinner and ate it anyway. Yummy!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Saga Continues

Early Tuesday Morning- 3am

I'm sitting at the computer eating an apple, while Lucas takes his turn with Up All Night Dean. The apple is for the morning sickness feeling I'm begining to battle. We've been up since 1am and the poor thing can't fall back asleep with or without our help. I am wondering if I will ever sleep again with another one on the way. Maybe Dean's sad sad crying will lull baby #2 to sleep. I wish I could fix it...Where oh where are my magical mommy powers? Did I miss the handing down of the mommy cape or something? Haha!

On other notes, I chipped one of my teeth pretty good earlier today while chewing gum. I think I need to go back to the orthodontist to get those two teeth to stop bumping into each other. Doh!

Saturday, March 22, 2008


The doorbell has been ringing all day! First, someone came by with a very large box for my cousin, Sarah. She's coming today to visit us for Easter. Now those of you who don't know, I love packages. As in, I become very seriously excited to see a package on the doorstep and am often forced to wait in anxiety to see what is inside that box! I don't even care if it's for me, the suspense just kills me. Though it is a great way for those you who are looking for a way to torture me for any misdeeds I may have done, I think maybe the torture is the part that I look back on and enjoy. If you sent me a large box with instructions not to open it until the next holiday and I was to finally open it after days of suspense to find one rainbow colored sock with no match, I most likely would jump for joy screaming "It's a sock!". The only thing that I don't like about said packages is when there is no note and I don't know who to send a thank you card to for that lovely sock. The best suspense of course is when the package is not for myself or Dean, because then I have no excuse to open it immediately as is the said package for Sarah. Which, by the way I did not stop Dean from thoroughly examining in case he accidently opened it for her. He IS only one year old, he can't help it.

The second doorbell ring was not as exciting, because it was an appraiser for the house we are renting. Dean, however, thought that he was a real hoot and followed him all over the house waving and saying "Hello". He was sad to see the guy go.

Later the bell rang yet again with a lovely plant/floral arrangement from my aunt for Easter. The next best thing to receiving a mysterious package is receiving unexpected gifts. As you can see, this one is so very adorable with it's basket and living flowers. It will stay right where it is until I inadvertently kill it. I imagine that won't be until our next move as I've got a green thumb unless unpacking boxes after a move. Then, I usually finish unpacking and in my excitement to run around a new house free of boxes I become quickly disappointed as I realize few of my plants made it through yet another move. There is something about live plants in a house that makes it feel cleaner and more comfortable. I have my aunt to thank for the two I have in my house currently.

Going right along with my LONG blog entry is another session of doorbell ringing. This lovely and expected gift from my dad. While I was in San Diego, he asked me if there was anything I wanted for my birthday this year. I immediately said some money toward a new rocking chair with a higher back to rest my head on during those long nights with little ones. I'm determined that the next baby will love to be rocked and I will love rocking it in my comfortable new chair. Lucas and I found this one the other day. If I were really spoiled, it would recline. As it is it rocks, swivels, and is ultra comfortable. I can't wait to use it. I've been sitting in it all day trying it out.

Of course the doorbell we'll be the most excited for, is the one with my cousin on the other side. I can't wait to see her and am so glad she felt comfortable coming to my house for Easter while her parents are out of country. Lord knows, they've taken me in enough times and I never once felt guilty, unwelcome, or like I was in the way even when they were living in already crowded quarters. I love that I am able a part of the family that is doing that for someone this time around. Only, it's even better than that as I absolutely adore my cousins and am ready for our visit with this one. Here she is her gifts that her family sent. The bunny's ears even bend!