Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Drummin' Up a Bath

Dean sometimes sings a bluesy song about his dad being gone. And though it is a terribly sad song to listen to, it brings a smile to my lips cause the kid really understands the use of music to express himself. Though I have tried, I have yet to get that song on video.

BUT, I did get him playing the drums in the bathtub tonight. I especially love his drum sound effects. He's a natural talent. It's ok, you can tell me so!

Click here to see another video of him singing almost a year ago.

Fall Fun

I used this walker when Jack was younger and Dean was potty training. It kept him out of the process, and, yet, didn't leave him out. Now we use it as a lawn mower and to give Jack rides around the front yard. Yes, Jack IS outside in his pajamas. What?

This picture is proof that I do laundry. See all of the clean laundry strewn around the floor in the back ground. The boys are taking a trip to the dump in their truck. Dean is so creative. I imagine Jack is too, but he doesn't talk much yet.

Just out of the shower. Mommy had to grab a diaper and came back to find Jack walking down the hall with his Mr. Happy backpack on. Cracks me up.

Jack also enjoys wearing hats. This one is his Johnny Appleseed hat.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Six Flags Part II

We've gone to Six Flags 3 times now. But I have no pictures of the 2nd time. In these pictures, the park was set up for Fright Fest, but didn't have anything that scared either of the boys, as we were there during the day. I of course have NO picture showing anything Fright Fest-ish

One of the things I like about this park is that it has both roller coaster rides AND animals/animal shows. One show has a swimming white tiger, this is the character that walks around to meet the kids.

This is my first roller coaster ride with Dean. It may be one of the last. I think toddler roller coasters are about as much as I can handle.

Six Flags

The second half of this year we have had season passes to Six Flags. I believe I've posted hair raising and funny stories previously, but now I can finally post some pictures.

Jack was still light enough to carry on my back.

Or in Lucas' arms. He's watching Dean ride in an airplane.

Dean was too tall to have an adult, but too young for me to feel totally comfortable with it. He had a lot of fun though!

I think this was Dean's first time riding on a moving part of a carousel.

This is Jack's first ride on a carousel.

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Lake

Sometimes the boys and I go to a lake near the house to feed geese. Dean rides his bike and I walk Jack in the stroller. The geese are almost as tall as Dean and definantly taller than Jack.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

This year the boys and I spent Halloween with our next door neighbor and a friend of theirs. Lucas was in Canada, so he missed out on all of the fun. It was neat to watch Dean get into the spirit of things.

Dragon Dean roaring at Horsey Jack and Ewok Jacob.

Jack in the stroller watching the older boys trick or treat.

Dean was so fascinated with the dog flashlight, that he didn't realize he was carrying around candy until we were finished.

Mr. Clean

Jack is a very organized child. If I leave my shoes out, he will go and put them away. Everything has a place, and he quietly moves around the house making sure that things are where they should be. This week he found Dean's little broom and got to work on the garage.

Sit in Your Chair

"I AM sitting in my chair, Mop!"