Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day 5

Well, the saga of course continues. Dean and I took apart his crib and placed a new door handle on the door in hopes of keeping him in his room a little easier. The new door handle is the regular old door knob that you have to twist to open. The handle we started with was just a lever. No matter, because Dean apparently can open both. The great thing is that the new one has a lock which I placed on the outside so we could lock him in to keep him from wandering in the middle of the night.

We have started bedtime and he's very upset about sleeping in the new bed. He's been at the door screaming for quite some time. I hate it. Though, I don't know how to make it any easier for him. It's just a part of growing up kiddo.

Nap: 1/2 minute to sleep (crib), climbed out when nap was finished.
8:00-35 minutes asleep in front of door, Lucas tried to move him to his bed and he awoke.
8:40- 10 minutes asleep in front of door again

I guess the question is, do you leave the kid where ever he falls asleep or do you move him to his own bed. Lucas wants him to be in bed so that if he awakens later, he'll just fall back asleep. I have no idea, so we'll go with that, though it may make for a very long night of waking the poor thing up every time we move him. Where is the "Do This, There's Only One Right Way" manual?

9:25- Lucas moved sleeping Dean to big boy bed, and Dean stayed asleep


anna said...

You know there is a reason for no manual right? Because as a parent there is no only one right way to do things. You just do what works best for you guys.

Eventually, Dean will get used to sleeping in his big boy bed and will stay there. One question, is he used to going to sleep with the door closed?

Julie said...

I think moving him is a good idea. You want him to know that's where you expect him to sleep not wherever he feels like. You're doing great momma!!