Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Preggo Update

So, someone text messaged me today to ask me about my due date, but their number was blocked. I have no idea who sent the text. In an effort to answer the phantom person, I am posting that info here and hoping that texter also reads my blog.

According to my last appointment, I am due on November 15th. My next appointment will measure the baby and I should be receiving an "official" date.

Other pregnancy news...the first trimester's really a bummer. I'm not far enough to look wonderfully pregnant, feel a little one moving, or have any other exciting events. On the not so exciting event list my tummy feels crummy, I'm really tired, and my clothes are now officially ill fitting. Though I have not yet vommited (had a few close calls)this time around, I am praying that I do not at the interview I have in about a week. I'm also praying that one of my suits fits.

In better news, Dean is suffering from the terrible crankier than anything twos just in time to remind me how rewarding this second baby will be. No, he's not yet two. As with other things he hit this stage a little early. In all honesty, he is a joy to be around and still does really cute and ridiculous stuff, by I'm too moody to blog about it all. Damn hormones.

Yeah, so those of you who are always talking about how nice it would be if we lived in the same town again, or in the first place, be glad we do not. Be very glad. I am one moody chickadee. I have the most absurd thoughts and feelings. Colors of paint make me ill, the smell of my couch makes me angry, I have mad cravings and horrible tummy aches after I give in to them, and the next student that sits next to me after returning from PE may have to explain to her mom why the teacher sprayed her down with the water hose. I know my thoughts are rediculous, and thus this is the first I have voiced them. I try to keep my attitude and tummy driven mania to myself.

As I've been telling Lucas. I know that I say I am not enjoying this pregnancy, but man I DO NOT want a miscarriage. I really want this baby...I am so very excited and curious to see Dean and baby interact while they grow up. I am one very blessed woman.


Julie said...

OMG I almost peed my pants with the PE comment. Isn't that the worst smell ever!!!!

Toni said...

"raises hand"
Text msg from the batphone at my house =P