Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Visit with Good Ol' Doc

Well, folks. Our little visitor has not yet visited. He's still nestled tightly in my ginormous ever growing belly. The doc says that sometimes this happens and by the way I had entered Active Labor and returned to Early Labor, but yes I am still in labor. Who makes up these rules anyway? As for what we're going to do about it all. Wait. And probably wait some more. The baby is still large, but my body seems to be handling things ok so far. I have an appointment for Friday of next week at which point the doctor will do something to "scare the baby out". And...that's all folks.


anna said...

Friday of Next week? Good Grief!

anna said...

Oh.. going to go back to work? You know the day you do, that little stubborn guy will decide to be born. It's either that or the minute your mom walks back in the door of her house.

Anonymous said...

Grandma can help do that:

love, love,