Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Drummin' Up a Bath

Dean sometimes sings a bluesy song about his dad being gone. And though it is a terribly sad song to listen to, it brings a smile to my lips cause the kid really understands the use of music to express himself. Though I have tried, I have yet to get that song on video.

BUT, I did get him playing the drums in the bathtub tonight. I especially love his drum sound effects. He's a natural talent. It's ok, you can tell me so!

Click here to see another video of him singing almost a year ago.

Fall Fun

I used this walker when Jack was younger and Dean was potty training. It kept him out of the process, and, yet, didn't leave him out. Now we use it as a lawn mower and to give Jack rides around the front yard. Yes, Jack IS outside in his pajamas. What?

This picture is proof that I do laundry. See all of the clean laundry strewn around the floor in the back ground. The boys are taking a trip to the dump in their truck. Dean is so creative. I imagine Jack is too, but he doesn't talk much yet.

Just out of the shower. Mommy had to grab a diaper and came back to find Jack walking down the hall with his Mr. Happy backpack on. Cracks me up.

Jack also enjoys wearing hats. This one is his Johnny Appleseed hat.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Six Flags Part II

We've gone to Six Flags 3 times now. But I have no pictures of the 2nd time. In these pictures, the park was set up for Fright Fest, but didn't have anything that scared either of the boys, as we were there during the day. I of course have NO picture showing anything Fright Fest-ish

One of the things I like about this park is that it has both roller coaster rides AND animals/animal shows. One show has a swimming white tiger, this is the character that walks around to meet the kids.

This is my first roller coaster ride with Dean. It may be one of the last. I think toddler roller coasters are about as much as I can handle.

Six Flags

The second half of this year we have had season passes to Six Flags. I believe I've posted hair raising and funny stories previously, but now I can finally post some pictures.

Jack was still light enough to carry on my back.

Or in Lucas' arms. He's watching Dean ride in an airplane.

Dean was too tall to have an adult, but too young for me to feel totally comfortable with it. He had a lot of fun though!

I think this was Dean's first time riding on a moving part of a carousel.

This is Jack's first ride on a carousel.

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Lake

Sometimes the boys and I go to a lake near the house to feed geese. Dean rides his bike and I walk Jack in the stroller. The geese are almost as tall as Dean and definantly taller than Jack.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

This year the boys and I spent Halloween with our next door neighbor and a friend of theirs. Lucas was in Canada, so he missed out on all of the fun. It was neat to watch Dean get into the spirit of things.

Dragon Dean roaring at Horsey Jack and Ewok Jacob.

Jack in the stroller watching the older boys trick or treat.

Dean was so fascinated with the dog flashlight, that he didn't realize he was carrying around candy until we were finished.

Mr. Clean

Jack is a very organized child. If I leave my shoes out, he will go and put them away. Everything has a place, and he quietly moves around the house making sure that things are where they should be. This week he found Dean's little broom and got to work on the garage.

Sit in Your Chair

"I AM sitting in my chair, Mop!"

Sunday, October 25, 2009


This is one of those entries where I entertain you at my expense. A few weeks back we had a couple of torrential downpours. Or maybe those two days were just full of regular old rain, but after two years with a dry river bed it seemed like a lot of rain. Dean and I ran errands and bought rain boots for his little wet feet. He splashed, jumped, hooted, and hollered in those red and black rain boots. Then refused to wear any other shoes for awhile.

In the days following the rains, I have been viscously attacking mushrooms in our yard. All kinds of mushrooms. They ranged in color and size and became interesting to me though still annoying. I was afraid some might be poisonous and one of the kids would eat one. Heck, they've tried to eat everything else we have in our backyard.

One day I realized there were grasses growing in my otherwise empty hanging pots. All of them are fairly high above my head, so I was tipping them side ways and reaching up to take out the grasses when I found these beautiful amazingly bright pink mushrooms. They were incredible. Dean and Jack were out with me, and I didn't want to pull the pot down to study and remove the miracle mushrooms, so I left them thinking I'd look them up on the internet and remove them later


I spent a few nights searching for these mushrooms, but never saw a picture of any that were quite so bright. So, I finally set out to photograph them before I disposed of them. I took down the pot and was surprised at how much one particular section looked like butterfly wings. Man nature was amazing. As I got down closer to pull them out, I realized that they were not indeed mushrooms. I was wrong...oh how I was wrong. When did I put THAT in there?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Jack Walks

Although Jack took his first step a few months ago, he has recently decided it is time to walk. I can't believe how fast he's grown. I look at him now, and I see a little boy. A very young toddler. I no longer see that little bitty baby I brought home. This is exciting because I know what is coming and how many cool things I get to teach him soon. But, alas, it also saddens me. I morn the lose of the baby.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oh Poop

It was grocery day. Well ok maybe way PAST grocery day. So far past that I decided we needed to stop by a local coffee shop to get breakfast so Dean could have milk. Well, ok because any excuse is a good excuse to have someone else make me coffee and yummy muffins.

We had to go through our usual to get Dean dressed. I couldn't find his newer shoes (the ones that actually fit) anywhere. "Dean, where are your shoes? Have you seen them? Help me find them, please." "They gone," he said. "Uh, gone where? We just had them yesterday," I responded. "They go to Nanda. (pause) Yesterday." "That's very interesting Dean. How'd they get to Canada?" I ask in a futile attempt to track them down. "They go with daddy on an airplane. It ok, mop. I no like them anyway. You take them back to the store. I no like them."

I finally found them next to the front tire of my car. The flat one. Yeah, that's right, the FLAT tire on my car! After deciding it probably had enough air in it to get us to the grocery store, we set out on our original errand with no more goof ups...until...

I handed Dean the broccoli that he was very insistent on holding. What could it hurt? I thought. It's just broccoli. How cool is it that he's that into broccoli. As we walked through the grocery store a constant stream of words regarding his love for broccoli were accompanied by his imitation of eating it "all up". The coolness of pretend eating wore off for him and his beloved broccoli quickly became a hose. He began spraying noisily at items on the shelf. Then I had to open my big mouth. "What are you spraying?" "Poop." he responded. "Wait, did I hear you right? You're spraying poop? Out of that hose?" "Yeah," he said. I could tell he was only half listening. So I asked him what he was spraying again. He looked real thoughtful. "Pee-pull. I spayng pee-pul," he said carefully. Darn it all! I think I just gave him the idea to spray poop at people. What have I done?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Dinner Conversation

We'd eaten dinner and I was clearing the plates. I was amazed that Dean hadn't asked to be excused in his usual prompt "let me down as soon as I can" manner. "Hi daddy!" I heard him say, "No way! No WAAAAY!. Daddy you crack me up." "What did he say," I dumbly asked. " I NOT talking to YOU. Don't talk to MEEEEE!" he replied. Then he turned to his brother, "Jack, Daddy say he Super Daddy."

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Smartie Pants

Every night when we take a bath, I pull the plug from the drain and let the boys stay in it until the water is gone. This gives them a bit of a warning that bath time is over and creates less melt downs. Tonight Dean figured out that if he gently slid Jack over the drain, his butt would plug it back up and the water would stay in. Jack didn't seem to mind.

Friday, August 21, 2009

A Pocket Full Of...

Sometimes when you have your hands full, but you want your kid to stay very close for safety reasons (like crossing the street) it is helpful to have the child hold your pocket. I've tried it during the last year or so a few times, but Dean has trouble getting a good grip and I should have started training him with it a little better before Jack came along and my hands were too full to guide him along the way.

Today I watched as a woman started crossing the street with a shopping cart being pushed with one hand and a cell phone in the other. Her two kids trailed along behind. Just as she stepped into the street she ordered, "Grab a pocket." They were the fastest pocket grabbers I have ever seen. I was amazed, impressed even. As I was thinking of ways she may have trained them to be such stealthy pocket grabbers, I thought about the location of the pockets they grabbed. The were on her butt. It is all so automatic for them that I wonder if she every says "Grab a pocket." when she's wearing, say, a skirt or something with no pockets. Do the kids just desperately grab at her butt? Do they put a hand on each of her cheeks and trot along?

*** *** ***

Dean and Jack were playing next to eachother on the floor this afternoon. This is the conversation they had:

Dean: Hey Jack

Jack: Hiiiiiiiiii

Dean: I love you big. (pause) I said I love you BIG.

Jack stares wide eyed with a big goofy smile on his face.

Dean: Jack, can I have a baby back ride?

At which point Dean begins to climb on Jack's back. Conversation over. Mom intervenes.

Slip N' Slide

After a mostly restful night (Jack slept in 3 hour chunks), I thought I'd be ready to face the day in a calm motherly manner. I'd nurse my son back to health, cuddle the baby, and do my chores. I set the boys up for breakfast and started our usual battles. Dean's more irritable than usual because he's not feeling well, so we had to grump back and forth over every little thing. The kicker was the yogurt. Dean didn't want HIS yogurt. He wanted Jack's yogurt. They each had blueberry Yobaby yogurt. They were the same. But Dean just knew Jack's was better. When I told him he couldn't have any of Jack's, he kicked me.

And so, he went to his room. Usually he screams and yells and says he wants his daddy, but today he was VERY quiet. Oh crap! He was peeing. I just knew he must be if he was that quiet. So I abandoned Jack in his highchair and rush to Dean's room. He was sitting calmly on his bed staring at me. I started to relax thinking that he hadn't after all when I suddenly slipped and fell into a giant puddle of pee. GIANT I tell you. I was soaked. My shorts were wet. My shirt was wet. Even my ankle braces was saturated with urine. Thankfully I didn't injure my ankle further, but I did jerk my shoulder around pretty good as I made a desperate grab for the wall on the way down.

I'm sure my shoulder is fine. I PRAY that it is, because I can just see myself at the doctor's office now. "So how'd you hurt you shoulder?" she'd ask. "I slipped in my son's pee." I'd reply. Great.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Strength Training

After a very long night of bedtime battles and middle of the night wakings from the kids I awoke very tired this morning. Thankfully, about 11 last night when Jack still wasn't asleep I strapped him in the back carrier and set up the coffee maker so I'd be set first thing in the morning. I knew today would be a coffee day, but I didn't know how much more I should have made.

I've begun to realize that if I try to stick around the house after long nights like that, I become focused on how to get a few moments here and there to rest or relax. When I'm teaching after a night like that, I do just fine because I am out and about and must be ON. So today I decided to just be ON.

We started with a walk and some backyard time. Then it dawned on me that we needed something MORE to just keep going. I have a Six Flags season pass and I needed to use it. So I loaded up the boys (which took like an hour, with maybe a half hour of trying to get Dean INTO the car) and headed out. I even went with a plan. And it was a good one.

I hate our double stroller because it is heavy and hard to push. I find it totally unbearable, so I decided I would take only the single stroller and bring the baby carrier for "just in case" Dean became to tired. I figured we'd see a show first thing because it is a LONG walk from the parking lot to the park. I had extra shorts for potty accidents, diapers for those other accidents, snacks to sneak in, and lunches packed so we could eat at the car before we drove home.

What I didn't plan for was the weather. It was 80 when I left my home. 30 minutes later, it was 62...Six Flags was much colder. So I did what any good mom would do. I found my bathing suit cover in the trunk ( a skirt) and made Jack wear it. If you're reading this Jack, no it was not Halloween and yes you were wearing a public. But it was black and long and flowy so it was ok. Then I went into the store and bought Dean a sweat shirt, because by the time we'd made it inside the park his arms were blue.

So part of my plan was foiled, but remedied. Except the part where I'd left the baby carrier at home. It was not in the trunk with the one kid stroller as I thought. It was now VERY important that I find a show to sit at so that Dean's little legs could have a break. He was so excited to be there that he'd been running for our 15 minute hike in. I pulled out our map to find my to the Elephant show (this Six Flags is part zoo) and was pleasantly surprised when an older gentleman with a Six Flags uniform stopped to ask me if he could assist. Why yes thank you Mr. Nice Employee could you please tell me where the Elephants are. He did, they weren't there. He'd sent us to loop the outside of the entire park before we would get to our destination. By the time I'd realized that we had in fact STARTED near the elephants, it was too late. We missed the show.

But all was not lost, there were rides to ride along the way. My poor sweet boy dutifully rode rollercoasters, and fair type rides all by himself while Jack and I watched. Jack can not ride these rides until he can walk. I dubiously held him in front of one employee and showed how he could STAND all by himself without holding onto anything, but it apparently doesn't count as WALKING.

Dean enjoyed the rides, but in a more engineer type of enjoyment. He rode each ride and spent the entire time looking at the gear and levers that made it work rather than at the colorful pictures or even the scenery for each and every ride.

About the time we made it to the Elephants Dean hit total melt down. He was tired. He didn't want to walk, he didn't want me to carry him, and nothing would please the little man. So I hoisted him onto my shoulders where he couldn't get away and began the march back through the park to the car while pushing my other tub of love in his stroller. We made quite the scene as Dean screamed at me to let him down and I repeatedly told him no that he was too tired.

Now I must tell you, in case you didn't know, that those tall strong daddys or maybe even uncles that you see with kids on their shoulders are just that...STRONG. And I mean STRONG. By the time I made it back to the car pushing the stroller carrying my 25lb infant and giving my screaming tantrum throwing toddler a shoulder ride, my thoughts were on the IBprofein that I still can't have because I'm nursing.

I got the boys into the car and started giving them thier lunch (can't have outside food in the park) when Dean declared that his ear hurt and I thought, "Uh oh." Well ok maybe I thought something more like CRAP! AGAIN! REALLY!? NOW!? Because we've done this with you before. Like maybe 12 times in your short two years. Only daddy's always been there to help comfort you in the middle of the night when you wake in pain. AND I'm too young to be responsible for you all by myself. I'm not credentialed for that. They gave me a credential for teaching little children, not to nurse them back to health.

After we'd made it home and visited the doctor who we were able to see right away, we found out that Dean has an ear infection. Surprised? AND strep throat. Ok, THAT was a surprise. Poor Dean. Poor, poor Dean. He was really sick, had a fever, and his dumb Mop made him walk through the entire SIX FLAGS park.

But the best part of his day was the visit with his doctor (whom I am so glad to have as his doctor again). He let him hold the light he uses to look into kiddos ears. Like, let him hold it for almost 10 minutes. Our doctor is not only great at diagnosing children, but also takes the time to know them. He's awesome. I just want to visit him for checkups from now on.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's a Hard Job...But somebody's got to do it.

After working a 17 hour shift with no breaks, I will be on call all night. Man this stay at home mom position is serious business.

Ha! I crack myself up.

A New Chapter

And I suppose it is time to start writing again. I am missing IMPORTANT documentation of my little ones as they grow too quickly. Lord knows that I'll want to remember every little detail about their lives. Haha!

And so I'll start with some short stories.

Yesterday the boys had a busy morning while grandma and great grandma Ellen came to watch them so that I could go to my newest ankle doctor. The doctor will not be sending me for more physical therapy just yet. He'd like to wait another 6 weeks and see what nature does. I get that. I still ache, but it is getting better as I go. I told him I was feeling impatient and wanted to be back to normal again and he said it might take the full year for this one. A full year. That's how long it takes to completely recover from childbirth. Exceot for the occasional tweak when I over do it, my tummy muscles feel just fine. Why the long healing ankle? Science is interesting.

Lucas is back in Canada again after his week off. It went by fast and we miss him, but the transition seems to be smoother this time around. Like with everything in our lives, we'll probably settle in finally just as he gets to move back home.

Last night when Dean was talking himself to sleep he suddenly yelled, "Daddy, I plant flowers with Mop today!" He's been yelling things at the top of his lungs that he wants to tell his daddy. Sometimes I think that he's loud enough that daddy can probably hear him.

I am in a writing funk.It's become more difficult to write because of my fear of how people will interpret things. Will they see my story as funny? Will they decide I am just a whiner and I need to grow up? Can I sometimes write about a tough time and have it just be that, a tough time worth sharing? And with that and another crummy's a wonderful picture of my Jack that was sent to me.

He says a few words and phrases, loves to talk on the phone, and is still trying desperately to walk. Yeah, that's right, he's a real ladies man.

Monday, June 29, 2009

San Diego

In case you are wondering where I have been...I've moved in with my mom for a little bit. My internet access is limited mostly by the fact that I have been chasing two kiddos around a house that is not child proof. It's been draining, but fun.

I've had lots of story worthy moments, but no time to document them, so here's a quick overview:

Jack has taken his first step (7 months) and almost has his first tooth. I can see it, but it hasn't broken the skin. He says "Hi" and waves, he says Mamamama when I leave the room, he says dada when Lucas is here, and he calls his Uncle Nick "Nana".

Dean is working on his molars and talks nonstop. He narrates his every move and says all kinds of funny stuff that I can't remember right now. He loves the beach, enjoys story hour at the library, and was recently on TV with a baseball player from the San Diego Padres.

Lucas is working in Canada for 15 days on and 6 days off. We miss him and can't wait for the Canada job to end.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

For My own Purposes

When I took Jack to the doctor last Friday I found out that he is of course tall for his age and doing well with the eating. I was shocked to find that he had a double ear infection. OUCH! I am totally posting this here so that I can go back through my logs later on and count when the doctors start asking me how many ear infections he's had. With Dean I always stared at them and started trying to count. I had lost count after the 5th I think, then I'd get confused. With Jack, I hope I can always tell them 2. Cause that's how many he's had.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Say a Little Prayer...or a GREAT BIG one

Please, please pray for baby Zoey (almost a month old) and her family (my good friends). She got a fever yesterday and is being sent by helicopter to another better equipped hospital as I type. So far, the doctors have found some trouble with her kidneys.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Slow Down Jackety!

Ok, so I posted about Jack's new sitting up and a few days later he added a few stunts. He was already doing the army crawl, though it was backwards. Now he crawls and can pull himself into a standing up position. Kiddo's only 6 months old. If he's standing, doesn't that mean walking's just around the corner? I hope it's a long 4 monthsish corner.

Dean and I are still potty training. Now we're on hard core. Today we were sitting on the potty when he pulled this cardboard roll onto his lap and the toilet lid to lean against his back. "I'm Dora!" he declared, "see my packpack? Dis my eyegass" Great kid! Now pee already so we can go "explore" the livingroom or back yard OR SOMETHING, I thought to myself. Also, because I'm into trying tricks for better sleeping and now potty training (mostly to entertain myself), I tossed a Cherrio into the and told him to pee on it. He did. Then he looked at me with a haunted and horrified expression and exclaimed, "Those are for eating, Mop!" Oh dear. Bad Mop, bad!
And then these two pictures. The top one is Dean at about 4 1/2 or 5 months, the bottom is Jack at 6 months.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Great Posture (5 months)

Jack has learned to sit up all by himself during the past few weeks. He's also been waking up at various points of the night to "practice". His super excited expression when he succeeds makes the all nighters worth it. Isn't he a cutie? 

He has a thing or two to teach his Mop about great posture.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Precious Sleep

Any of you who have read my blog during the past 2 years know that my eldest son has difficulty with sleep (falling asleep, staying asleep, and waking peacefully from sleep). For the past 3 weeks or so, I have been able to help him fall asleep without any hourly screaming sessions. No I have not been sitting with him or driving him around until he finally drifts off. We've just found a system the two of us.

Now nap time has been a different story. My guess is that this is in part because I only do the naptime bit with him on weekends. All other days he takes naps at daycare. Today Dean had a particularly difficult time. When he all was finally quiet, I sent Lucas in to cover Dean with some blankets. Here's how he found corner of the closet. A little bit funny, and a little bit sad. Ok, mostly funny. I had to leave the room quickly so that I didn't wake him up with my laughter.

Also, here's the new addition for my momma's garden. She has a stepping stone for every grandchild, or will when I finally mail this one. The wet section in the middle is his footprint. Hard to tell in the photo

Friday, May 8, 2009

A Birthday Cake

Ok, so one more funny story with Dean's speech and Lucas' lack of understanding.

Lucas has never been able to REALLY understand what Dean is saying which leaves me translating a lot. I know that I've got a mother's ear for kid speak and so it's easier for me to figure out what it is that Dean is trying to communicate.

Last weekend we had another married couple over for Lucas' birthday. Seresh is from India and Preetha is from Sri Lanka, so they both have heavy accents, call things by different names, and can sometimes be difficult to understand. 

It was after we'd eaten dinner and Lucas was pulling his cake out to cut. No I don't usually make him prepare his own cake for his birthday, but I had already started my current crutch bearing state. The conversation went something like this.

Dean: Dad! I want some cake.

Wow, I thought, That was very clear! He even got all of the sounds in each word.

Lucas: What?

Me: You couldn't understand him or you just need him to repeat it because you didn't catch it?

Lucas: (waves arms wildly for emphasis) Who can understand THAT?! I mean really!

Seresh: (in thick Indian accent) Lucas, I think he said he wants some cake.

HAHAHAHAHA! Oh, I died of laughter. Preetha did too.

A special note: When Lucas went to go get his cake from our favorite bakery, they only had a pink one left. He forgot to get candles though, so Lucas, Dean, and Seresh made a run to the store. They came back with the pink breast cancer balloon for Dean. Seresh thought it went well with the cake.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Jack and Dean 5 months and a little over 2 years.

The conversations I've had since my leg injury have been more than humorous lately.
Last night at dinner:

Lucas asks Dean if he wants spaghetti or Mac N Cheese for dinner. Dean chooses spaghetti. Well, I think he chooses it, because he does respond with a word that starts with an s, has a g, somewhere and ends with a long e sound. We all sit down and Dean starts yelling at the top of his lungs "Out! Let me out! I no like that! (points at plate with spaghetti) It coffee! (translation:yucky!) That for Miss Suey's dog 'umbo!" I am annoyed that Dean is throwing a tantrum over food that he picked out himself (I think) and ask him to please use his inside voice and stop yelling. At which point Jack emits a low chuckle. Because CLEARLY this is hilarious. Dean looks at him and screams, "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" and Jack chuckles harder. Now Dean is no longer screaming in the bratty way, just screaming. I still find it annoying. "Dean if you continue to scream, you will go to your room. No one wants to listen to that." Except Jack, I mentally correct myself. Dean lets out one more loud pitched scream leading Jack to laugh so hard that his sweet potatoes come out of his nose. It is funny, now, but only because Jack thinks it is so funny. Dean ended up in his room, but it is obvious that I am out numbered.
Dean still calls me "Mop." and I still secretly hope that he does for always. I was reading him a bedtime story. When I turned the page he said, "Hey Mop! That's a mop." What's he really trying to tell me?

When I asked Dean about the dragon that lives in our backyard, he told me that it flew away like his balloon. I asked him where it had gone. Apparently it is at Miss Suzie's. I wonder if Miss Suzie and I have joint custody of the dragon. I get him on the weekends and she has him during the week. Apparently Miss Suzie's house is a better place for the dragon. He never comes inside our house, but spend all day inside hers.

Me: What did you do today?

Dean: I pay.

Me: What did you play with?

Dean: A dog.

Me: Did you play with Dumbo or did you play with a toy dog?

Dean: I pay Dumbo. He not our dog, Mop. He Miss Suzie dog.

I'm glad he let me know that Dumbo doesn't belong to us. How funny!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Imaginary Friend

Dean has an imaginary friend. He is a dragon who roars. Dean has been talking to or about him all day long. Apparently this dragon lives in our backyard and enjoys roses.

When I Wish I had a Camera

You know those motorized scooter carts that some grocery stores provide for the elderly who have a tough time getting around the store? Ever see the mom's that are using them with kids hanging off of the side as they shop and they really need that thing, or are they lazy?

I was one of those mom's today. Picture this: A carseat hiding Jack in the basket at the front of the scooter and Dean on my lap while we drive around the store.

At first I was a little embarrassed and felt like I had no right to the "special cart", but I quickly got over this. After all, I am on crutches and can carry neither child.  How did I get them out of the car, you may ask. Lucas was with us. Too nervous to take both boys through the grocery store without help. I went thinking that next time he'd realize that I was more of a hinderance than a help. 

Boy was I wrong! Dean loves the motorized cart. Duh! He really thought that he was the one steering the entire time and was more than happy to cram items into the little space that Jack's carseat left behind. That was the easiest shopping trip I've ever had with the boys. No one was cranky and we were out speedy quick.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Things just get funnier and funnier around here. Last night Dean was in his bed falling asleep (he's been doing so without the screaming fits lately) when he called to me. I went in to see if he needed to get covered up or something. When I got there he looked at me very seriously and said, "Mop, I need dohtor." "Really," I replied, "why?" "My eye hert." Maybe he does need a doctor. 

This morning my big boy toddler who has so much trouble falling asleep and staying asleep closed his eyes tight and said, "Mop! I stiw sweepin! You leabe me awone!" Really it cracked me up because we spend so much energy trying to get him to stay asleep and there I am trying to wake the poor thing up. Also, it always cracks me up when he calls me Mop.

Then later this morning, after sneaking various moments to climb on chairs and hang items for Open House next week, I almost got caught. My principal did a walk through just as I was stepping down and helping a student with their work. A few minutes later we left for lunch. It was at this time that my foot slipped off of the ledge of our sidewalk and I landed flat on my face in front of 40 third graders. I had fractured my ankle. I guess I had it coming. Luckily for me my principal had not gone too far because he had to treck back and help my title one aide hoist my not so skinny, just had a baby butt into a stinkin' wheelchair. Karma!

Ok, so the last paragraph wasn't very funny. It sucked! IT HURT! I have enough to deal with without the pain of crutches! WOES ME! WAAAA! Pity party is over and it's time to pick myself up and keep trucking.

Thank goodness I have a goofy toddler to do this with. He just walked over to tell me good night. Then turned and bent over to tell my crutches good night and gave them a very gentle kiss. Goof!

Monday, April 13, 2009


I've had so much to blog about. ?Usually that means that life is too busy happening to stop and blog. I've forgotten most of the funny things that have been happening and will have to do some sort of picture update later.

Jack is starting to crawl. He mostly does a backwards army crawl. Although, yesterday he did push his way forward once.

We spent Spring Break visiting as many grandparents as we could squeeze in both at our  house and down in San Diego. We also spent the week with a timer. Dean sat on the potty every hour, but only actually went potty at rest stops (because they're so cool) and once last night. Can't say I haven't been trying though.

A snapshot from this morning:

I needed to use the bathroom, so I placed a wide awake Jack in his crib to play (safe place) and left Dean to keep building blocks out in the livingroom. Just as I sat down I heard Jack crying and Dean saying "Mop! Mop! Pick up my brudder!" Can't a woman just pee! I mean really! Dean had taken the few seconds it took me to walk down the hall to the bathroom and dropped a clock on Jack's head. He's got a little bump, but I think he'll be ok. Oh, yeah, and Mop is my newest of nicknames from my son. Don't know why, he knows how to say mom. Goofy.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Laughable Part II

Jack's giggle is more timid than Dean's ever was, but it is just as sweet. Right now he finds my singing and dinnertime (with OOGA sound effects) to be hilarious. I saved you from my singing and gave you the food covered face.


This video with the young man in the giggle shirt is Dean when he first started laughing.
Compare this video to my next post of Jack's giggling.

A conversation with Dean at 2 years old :

Dean: "Jack, That a big NO NO!" while waving his pointer finger in Jack's face for emphasis.

Me: "Dean, Jack's not doing anything wrong. You let mommy and daddy be the boss of Jack."

Dean (while looking seriously into my eyes): "No, mommy, you not boss. Daddy boss. Dean want to be boss too.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Serves Me Right

Yesterday evening I was wallowing in my own misery because yet again, Lucas is out of comission (threw out his back). I was exhausted from late nights with both babies, working, and of course trying to keep the house in order. I spent an hour cleaning up a cup of Dean's milk that I dropped after it had seeped into the cabinents and drawers which meant I had to clean all of the items in the drawer as well. The entire time I was fuming, but also telling myself in the very back part of my brain that none of this was really that big of a deal. It could be worse, much worse and has been lately. I just needed some time to steam and get it all out of my system.

And then this happened... (a long winded action filled story, but not for those afraid of the dark and scary men who rob homes)

Both boys had finally fallen asleep for the night. I had this feeling that this would be one of THOSE nights. You know, the ones where both boys slept all night and mommy slept some too when she wasn't checking to see if they were still breathing. I snuggled deep into the bed. I closed my eyes and started to relax.

I heard noises outside that didn't sound right and neighbors yelling. I pushed Lucas awake and said "What is that?" which I probaby ask him at least 15 times a night. He relpied with his standard nightly reply, "It's just people outside." I started to tell him that these noises were DIFFERENT really different, but was interupted by a loud snore. His.

Suddenly I could hear someone breathing very loudly outside my window as his feet hit the ground hard. I could see lights flashing all around the house and more people yelling in the neighborhood. I shook Lucas awake and told him that someone was in the back yard. Call 911.

The 911 dispatcher told Lucas that a house a few streets over had been robbed and that the police were swarming the area looking for the other suspect. If I was on the phone I would have replied "I SUSPECT he's in my back yard right now." And he was.

We crouched (in case of stray bullets or something) in the hallway while we decided whether to wake and move the boys and the best place for hiding. We weren't sure if he had run through the yard and left or if he was still there somewhere. Within a few minutes a police officer was shining his flashlight through our windows which were locked but the shades were all up. Meanwhile I heard the guy who was hiding. He was alongside the outer wall to Jack's room and about 3 feet from Dean's bedroom window and on the opposite side of the house from the officer. I told Lucas to grab Jack and bring him into Dean's room. Even though it was so close to where the guy actually was, it seemed to be the room with the least windows and any room far away from him would put us all out in the open. As Lucas was bringing Jack down the hallway, I heard the police officer kicking down our fence (where the suspect was hiding) and the suspect shaking the outside door to our bedroom. I thought he was going to break the glass and come in.

You all know that Dean has sleeping issues and that Lucas and I have placed a lock on his door to lock him in when we're having a particularly rough night. I decided to lock us in at this point thinking that if the guy did make it in, that would be one more barrier between him and our family. He didn't come in.

Lucas and I sat there staring at eachother while I nursed Jack to keep him quiet. Does anyone realize how much more vulnerable a woman feels while she's holding a baby with her boob hanging out? There were a lot more crashing sounds (which turned out to be another section of our fence being knocked down) and a lot of men yelling "___________ City Police!" During all of this we realized that we didn't have a phone with us to call and see when it was ok to come out or to let someone know if he made it into the house. Lucas was going to run down the hallway to grab the phone, only we couldn't find the key that we hide in Dean's room to let ourselves back out in the case of an emergency. You know, like this one. Lucas had to pull everything down from the shelf in Dean's closet. He was still searching when someone began ringing our doorbell repeatedly and knocking.

I was wondering, do we answer the door? If we had a damn phone we could call the police station and ask them if it was an officer or if we should stay hidden. Then I got to thinking, maybe they'll break down the front door and come let us out of Dean's room. (funny). Finally Lucas found the key and went to the door. It was the officer who had knocked down our fences.

He let us know that both suspects of the robbery had been placed in custody. We thanked him for keeping our family safe, closed our door and tried to calm down.

I've had enough drama packed stories for now. I'd like to take a Scary Crap Happening to Members of Our Family vacation if you please.

Oh and this. Dean. Slept. Through. The. Entire. Thing. Not ONE FLIPPIN peep!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Army Pants and Pink Strollers

The best dollar I've ever spent on a toy for Dean was the one I spent on this pink stroller at his daycare provider's garage sale. Tonight my young man ventured around the block sporting camo pants and a tough guy motorcycle jacket while pushing his baby around in a pink stroller. He's taking a picture of his baby while I take a picture of mine.

Show above: Healthy mom with new short haircut and healthy growing way too fast Jackety Jack as I've been calling him.

Today I had my numbers done. You know for Cholesterol levels, Body Mass Index, Heart Rate...etc. My results came back to show that I was in outstanding health with amazingly low low low blood pressure. Low enough the guy had to redo it 3 times to make sure it was working. At the end of my testing he told me to keep doing whatever it was that I was doing. I responded, "I can totally keep eating a half a bag of chocolate chips every night!" Seriously people...a HALF a bag...almost nightly. The insanity must stop!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Daddy gave Dean a bath, read him a story, and told him night night. Dean didn't scream. He just WENT TO SLEEP! In the mean time, I fed Jack and placed him in his crib awake. He just WENT TO SLEEP (totally normal for Jack). Oh what a stupendous tear free snuggle with your kiddos and hop into bed without feeling like a total jerk for making your eldest cry his brains out while you nurse the youngest into a comfortable snooze kind of night.

Picture Gazing

While looking at pictures of himself:

Dean: Who is that little boy momma?

Me: That's you. That's Dean holding his hammer.

Turns page.

Dean: What is that little boy doing with daddy?

Me: That little boy is you, Dean. About 6 months ago. You and Daddy are playing with some toys.

Dean: That's MY daddy. (rather indignant)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Messy Eater

Jack has started on cereal and would also like to feed himself...thank you very much.

The result of course is his hands in the way and rice cereal drrriiipppiiinggg down his face, eyebrow, hair...well you get (or see) the picture. Man he's a cutie!

Also in our news...
Jack rolled over about two weeks ago at daycare. I missed it. He hasn't done it again since.

And, Lucas' leg seems to be healing, but he's got an icky tummy virus today. Poor guy.

Back Logged

I've waited too long to post these pictures with proper stories. Here are some clips from February. Also, I've added some new pictures to Dean's Birthday posting.

Looking at airplanes together in the backyard.

Happy Valentine's Day! Heart shaped pancakes for all!

These boots were made for walking (and watching TV). His favorite shows are Kai Lan and Dora.

Washing his "moto-bicycle".

My three boys.

The first birthday party Dean and Jack have been to. I know...bad mommy! I didn't even throw one for Dean on either birthday. Also, Jack's first time in a pool. He digs it!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Sleep Dear Child

It's been an exhausting week. This weekend is the biggest loser weigh in for the month of February in our household. I am mostly sure that it will be a competition to see who gained the least weight versus who actually lost weight. There has just been too much to do AND keep track of what I'm shoving in my mouth in between. By the way, I think I ate an entire box of Shortbread Girl Scout Cookies today. Yup, pretty sure. Dearest husband, please stop bringing the junkfood into the house. And eldest...Sleep already child. Go to sleep at bedtime and stay that way until at least 6 without all of the fighting, screaming, bed dismantling, pooping on the floor, and other havic you seem to wish to create.

I know Mom, the poop is my payback. I am truly sorry about that...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blood and Guts

I have some really cute pictures and stories to tell, but I have been so very busy this month. I'm thinking that next weekend I may have to find some time to load them onto the computer, do some zooming in, picking of favorites, and so forth. For today, I have a story. One that shows an example of our busy, crazy and story filled month of February.

Dean has recently figured out that he can escape the house from our master bathroom so long as mommy and daddy have left their bedroom unlocked. Periodically he will wander back and check the door to see if we've forgotten or been lazy. After a super fun birthday pool party that we attended yesterday, we of course had a ton of chores and catching up to do today so that our work week will function more smoothly. Lucas was very dutifully sorting laundry while I nursed Jack. Dean was suddenly very quiet, which if you know my noisy son, that is a dead give away that something is up...Or in this case, out ... in the back yard riding his new "moto-bicycle" as he calls his bike. Lucas went out and rounded the poor boy up, but before he could make it all the way in the house (via the sliding glass door), Dean was booking it through the house to the bedroom again to make a quick escape. Lucas of course was onto him and bolted quickly to catch Dean before he got away with it again (and to lock the door). When Lucas got to the door to our bedroom, disaster struck.

Dean has a habit (a good one) of closing doors behind him. When Lucas opened our bedroom door, it slammed against the wall and bounced back. Our lever door knob handle rammed into Lucas' thigh/groin area splitting it open.

Dean is a sweet child really. So he tried to comfort daddy by lying on the floor next to him and showing daddy his own owie and Curious George bandaid on his foot. Daddy was in too much pain to even talk at this point, but the little guy trucked on.

Finally Daddy yelled out OW and my wondering out on the couch finally ceased. Yes, someone is hurt. Jack and I went to investigate and what I found was possibly one of the more shocking things I have ever found (aside from the trail of blood in our house when my youngest brother cut off his toe). Lucas pulled back his pants to reveal a gaping wound that had parts of his leg oozing out.

I had never seen the inside of someone's leg before. Anytime something like that is on TV I turn my head and if it continues I ask Lucas if we can PLEASE turn the channel. There was no channel turning this morning. Only quick (and shaky) action.

After taking the boys to the neighbor's house for a long visit, 4 hours ish in the ER, and 15 stitches, the doctor was able to push and pull Lucas back together and send the poor boy home. Dean is very sorry. I know because he's been going around the house telling everyone (and thing). "I sowwy bear." "I sowwy Daddy." "I sowwy dishwasher." My poor boys.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Birthday Message

Dearest Dean,

You are two years old today.

I love that you are powerful and spirited. You have an overflowing energy that I sometimes wish I could tap into. This year you have morphed from a little baby who knew what he wanted, but couldn’t express himself to a young boy who can talk and talk. I am excited to finally hear all of those deep thoughts you have and understand the world as you see it.

My favorite moments are those in the early morning when you are willing to snuggle next to me on the couch while you wake up. Often you spend that time patting my arm or leg as though I am in need of comfort.

Along with all of that spirit, you are a kind and generous boy. You are constantly worried about your little brother and often check to make sure he has all that he needs. I love that you care about him so much and look forward to the time when you understand how to do so with the gentleness that you intend.

You like to spend time wrestling with Dad, watching Dora, and cleaning the house. If you decide to always enjoy cleaning the house while you’re growing up, that would be ok with me. I’ll even show you how to sweep things into a pile because I know how frustrated you get when the food ends up spread out all over the kitchen.

Today when I dropped you off at daycare, you didn’t wine or grab my leg to try to get me to stay. You said “Bye Bye Mommy.” and then totally ignored me. I want you to feel that comfortable, but I was a little sad because you’re already growing up and will need me less and less.

Thank you for teaching me how to be a mom. You’ve helped me to become a less selfish person and you’ve taught me to love someone in a brand new way. The way a mom loves her son.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Ok, so I know I owe all of you a proper posting with a story, pictures, and some deep thoughts. I know this, but you must wait longer because who has time with two sick babies, a full time job, and a husband on his way out of town for a bit.

So quick update. Dean is not the only one with an ear infection...apparently Jack has one too. My poor sweet babies. In the meantime my other babies (the 8 year olds I teach) are giving substitute after substitute havick. Because, you know, the world has ended when you teacher doesn't come to school for a few days.

On a funny note. I've been saying "darn it" a lot lately. Thinking it was a good alternative to some other words I could say when something doesn't go right. Only, Dean can't make to R sound and only says "Damn it". Oooops. Sorry little dude, but I think I taught you your first curse word. And how to say "dude" which you think is hilarious.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust

Jack's come down with the icky cold! Poor thing. His little cough sounds both horrible and pathetic. I hope both of my babies get well soon! Lucas is the only one who hasn't had this nastiness yet. Maybe he'll avoid it since he's going to be out of town all week.

On a happier note (well for me), Lucas and I are doing the biggest loser here at home. Yup it's time to lose the baby weight (for both of us) and try to live a bit healthier for our kiddos. We've decided to weigh in weekly, but reward monthly. For the month of January I won. I lost 4% of my total weight and was able to keep my milk supply strong. Go me! This month, my reward is that Lucas will change all diapers for 24 hours. If he'd won, he'd get a 3 hour uninterupted nap.

Now...what do I want to win for the month of February. Time to start thinking.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Tone Deaf

So, I begin to wonder if Dean sings the way he does because he is tone deaf. You know from all of those ear infections. Ok, so I'm totally kidding.

Dean does have another double whammy infection with some concern that his right eardrum may burst during the night. Poor thing! He'd been telling me for the last two nights that he needed an "Eye pah" (ice pack) and was very adamant about it. I gave him one because I was curious what hurt, and he put it on an old scratch on his finger. Confused I am...

Today Dean was yelling at Jack telling him not to pee on him. Jack found this thrilling, so he grinned and grinned at him. Funny.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sing to Me

Ok, I had to include a video of Dean too. This one cracks me up. Dean can sing in tune and knows many songs, but for some reason when he plays his Mary Had a Little Lamb puzzle he sings it like this. What a goof!

Meet Jack


Sucking Thumb




I haven't written much about Jack for lots of reasons. The main one being that I prefer to spend my time enjoying him instead of taking pictures and typing. The other being that after two months I still haven't figured out how to put what I am feeling into words. He is amazing and I am enjoying him in a way that I never knew I could. What's more is that his addition to the family has given me a different kind of love for Dean. I thought I was already loving him with all of the love I could muster, but apparently that just grows.

Jack's 9 weeks old now. When Dean was 9 weeks old, he finally learned how to nurse. I struggled for every ounce of milk and was never able to give him a full feeding without formula to help us along. With Jack eating easily I don't have that problem, but my thoughts are rooted deeply in the past. This morning I threw away 14 bottles of breastmilk (I have over 20 left the freezer) and I am still having difficulty leaving them in there. It is after 3. Logically, I know that I pump an extra bottle a day at work and freeze it. That's over 20 bottles a month. Jack is not going to starve and I'm prefectly fine with giving him formula if it came to that anyway. But...that milk in those little bags is like gold. The gold of which my precious Dean never seemed to get enough.

Thank you sweet Jack for nursing so easily. I do hope that you have less ear infections than Dean did from all of those antibodies.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Where's the Memo

Both boys slept for over 8 hours last night...AT THE SAME TIME! It was pretty neat to get 7 hours of uninterupted sleep because it has been almost a year. The only regret that i have was that my breasts didn't get the memo and I'm all blocked up today. OUCH!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I was ready for Lucas' move. Totally prepared to suck it up and be the best single mommy I could be by week and just take things one moment at a time. We'd even had some inadvertant practice nights when Lucas had to work rather late and I was left to do things by myself after work. I knew that I could do this and survive.

Then, this morning, in the way things like to change in my household, it all changed again. For once, it was a change that was easy to swallow. Lucas was told that a boss had pulled a few strings and managed a position down here for him that would get him through my school year at least. Yahoo! So we'll all be here until which point I imagine we'll move.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tag Team

Well, the boys tag teamed us last night, or shall I say very EARLY this morning. Jack's been pretty easy so far and wakes every 3 hours on some nights and has had a few 6 hours nights. I go in and nurse him back to sleep and stumble back to my bed to catch a little of that sweet rest myself.

Last night my night looked a little bit different. Jack went down for the night and was up by 12 ready to eat again. He finally drifted off again about an hour later. Dean was awake within minutes stripping off his PJs and talking about how he was going to get dressed. "I go Miss Su-ey. I go Miss Suey." Miss Suzie is his daycare provider. We tried to tell him that it was night night time and that Miss Suzie was alseep, but he'd see her later that morning...after he slept some more. Well, he did finally sleep some more after screaming until around 3ish. At which point he tagged Jack, who awoke hungry again. I think I was up from 12-4:30. Then up again to get ready for work by 5:30. Man am I tired, but man do I love them.

Poor Dean. I'm upset when he fights me over taking the dearly beloved PJ's off. Then when he's finally ready to do it without a fight, I tell him he has to leave them on. Oh, the confusion.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

In Plain Sight

I often think of Dean as a little advanced after picking him up from daycare or talking about some of the things he's doing with my colleagues at work. For all of his intelligence, sometimes he still just doesn't quite get it. Last Saturday was one of those times. He spent the entire morning looking for daddy, who was hiding in plain sight. I even invited him to help me fold laundry and piled the laundry on top of sleeping daddy before folding it. After a few hours, Lucas' gig was up and naptime ended when I took the pillow off (I needed help.).