Monday, July 21, 2008

It's Curtains for Night Time Lights

I've whipped together some curtains for the boys rooms to keep Dean from ruining the blinds. He likes to pull on them, usually bending them in the process. Now by whipped together, I of course mean, hastily sewed as quickly as possible so as to be finished. As in, don't inspect too closely or you will find very crooked seems, uneven bottoms, and a bunch of sloppy work. When my mother taught me to sew, I remember her telling me that her grandmother had said that the back should look as nice as the front. Well, mom, don't look at the back...or the front for that matter, because, well, I didn't take my time and and do the neat job that I am perfectly capable of. They did turn out kind of cute, and definantly functional. As we all know, in a year or so we'll move from this place to another and start our window treatment adventure anew.

You can see some of my other "nesting" projects in these pictures too. We've got wall stickers up and the baby's room is mostly ready to go. I've only to wash his clothes and place them in the drawers. If we had him tomorrow, we'd be ready.
As always, double click on the pictures to get a larger view.

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Anonymous said...

They look very nice and I like the way you used the buttons with the tie backs. Kathryn Thomspon is a friend of mine - just a bit younger than my parents...She majored in home ec....worked in the singer sewing machine factory and taught sewing at the adult school in Ukiah.... so she's my "expert." One thing she always used to say about sewing projects was to pick your battles. If you're sewing up every day baby clothes or curtains that will be gone in a year or two, don't waste too much time on perfection. Save the perfection for those special occasions such as a christening outfit or a special table cloth for Christmas. One time I started a quilt...didn't finish it...gave it to her with the idea that she would donate it to a local charity fund raiser. She finished it and gave back to me - perfectly sewed together! We need more Kathryn Thompsons in the world today!