Sunday, December 21, 2008

Relished Sleep

Just because I like to jinx myself and also because I have been so hyper-focused on a full night sleep for the past 2 years (yes, two years and not one full night of sleep for me...not one).

Dean is still waking up at night, but is easily comforted and goes right back to sleep after daddy visits him, tells him it's time to go back to sleep, and good night. Jack has one chunk of 3 hours solid sleep at the beginning of the night, from there on out it's anybody's guess. But three whole hours people! Sometimes I don't get more than three hours of sleep. To have it all at once...oh how blessed I am.

This week, I begin my normal mommy routine as I'll have both boys home with me full time. We'll of course have Christmas right in the middle of this week with my in-laws around to play with, the weekend with dad, and a neighborhood girl for the beginning half of next week. So I guess I've cheated a bit. I'm excited to have time with both of them though. They grow so quickly. I can't believe that Jack has already been in my life for a full month. Two more weeks and I stop being stay at home mommy. It makes me a bit sad this time around. I'll miss both of them.


Anonymous said...

3 hours is a definition of sainthood, but re: interrupted sleep - a few years back NPR had something on sleeping patterns in the pre-industrial/electrical age - supposedly quite common for people to wake for 30-90 minutes in the middle of the night and then go back to sleep.

ok - i'm off to enjoy vacation days!

Anonymous said...

wish I was closer so I could have the little ones all day while Mommy's working. oh well. I'd probably steal them away and then you'd have to arrest me. I'm looking forward to our time together.