Thursday, December 18, 2008

In the Land I Find Funny

I have not been posting because I am so very enjoying my time alone with Jack. In the beginning, I enjoyed our naps the most, but the past few weeks I've been savoring the time I have to study his little fingers, toes, and face. Tomorrow is our last day with this kind of time together. Though it saddens me, I am also a little excited about the time I'll have with Dean and Jack at home with me before I have to return to work and reduce all of my mommy time to but a fraction of what I have now. The poor dears, and their poor mommy.

So, a story maybe only I will find funny because you probably had to be there. This morning, 6:30 am after a long night of feeding, burping, and rocking, I am getting Dean ready for daycare. He finds little Jack's tiny sock and begins some trial and error which leads him to realize that Jack's socks are too tiny for Dean's not itty bitty enough feet. I still think of Dean's feet as small, adorable and soft...I love love love them. Anyway, we get to the part where I am changing Dean's pull up. And Dean finds a place for that tiny sock. A piece of his body that does fit, perfectly...It is very PRIVATE.
Some of you have inquired as to Dean's reaction to little brother Jack. He loves him dearly...maybe a little too much. In Dean's world, Jack is another toy to play with, tackle, poke, and if at all possible smother with every ounce of his being. Sounds lovely doesn't it. Until you are the one trying to protect little brother from 30 lbs of uncontained love. We've been learning ways to play with Jack and ways NOT to play with Jack.
Exhibit A:
Dean: Jack see Ca? See ca? Mooooo!
Jack is very interested until cow ends up in Jacks face at which point he screams. Then Dean screams, and eventually mommy has to remind herself not to scream.
Exhibit B: Dean gets to hold Jack in his lap with Daddy very close by. Jack is is Dean because he thinks it's funny that Jack is screaming.
We remind Dean to calm down and be kind to little brother. Be gentle. So Dean gives him a kiss (his favorite thing to do with little Jack, but usually while trying to lean his total body weight on him).
Dean: Uh-oh. pac-ier pac-ier! (He helps put it back in to Jack's mouth.)
Dean gives us one of his ham it up smiles. I think he just took that same pacifier out of Jack's mouth. Poor Jack. So loved, yet mistreated.


Anonymous said...

I loved it. Thank you :-)

lizzieb said...

Dean's place for Jack's sock is just too good! So little boy.

They are both cutie-pies!

Anonymous said...

such sillines! Those boys are adorable. It's very difficult for me not to share with the entire world....the world's cutest children!

a doting grandma