Thursday, June 19, 2008

Joys of Water

Dean and I started a swimming class this past Monday. I don't have any pictures because I find it incredibly difficult to take a picture of Dean and I while we are in the water.
Dean loves to play in the water, but has a difficult time with the pool. No he is not afraid, but rather independent. He wants to be able to meander around by himself and play with the other kids. Unfortunately, one would have to be a pretty good swimmer to hang out independetly with other kiddos in 3 feet deep water when he's only 2 1/2 feet tall himself. He's great at kicking, splashing, and other skills we are learning. He's nervous about any part of his face being in the water, so he has yet to blow bubbles.
Some of you will think that swimming lessons for a 17 month old is a little ridiculous. I agree. We're taking the class because just as Dean wants to play with the other kids, this mommy needs other adults to hang out with. Also, we don't have access to a pool and I think it's important for him to have swimming as a part of his life early on.


anna said...

It is never too early to start swimming lessons. Allison has been a water baby since she was born. Since she is drawn to it, it seemed important to get her started early.

Anonymous said...

I think that it's great that you are getting out and doing fun things like swimming lessons with Dean. It's a really neat Mom/baby time and, as you say, it's good for adult networking. He will be blowing bubbles before you know it. The important thing about teaching swimming is to keep it fun. My students always had fun in the water and they all learned to swim.

CC - A Long Time Ago Swimming Teacher

Anonymous said...

Not silly - brilliant. You both enjoy it.... Plus - how else does one beat the heat?? :-)


Toni said...

Benito and I have been going since he was two and a half months. He is a little tadpole now :)
No face stuff either, but they will get there. And its going to feel so nice on your preggy body!!!