Thursday, July 10, 2008

Weather and Other Exciting Things

In my truest writing fashion, I am going to jam a whole bunch of things into one blog posting just like on my favorite news stations. Only I don't watch those anymore because...well, who has the time?

I will start with the weather, because I hate waiting for it on the news. The weather here is totally crummy. Not only do we have low temperatures averaging at 84 degrees, but we have highs averaging at 110 degrees. I guess it has reached 115 a few times. Now, I say the weather HERE, but really it was the same at the last place we lived. As if the temperatures weren't bad enough, the area we live in has one of the worst air qualities in the state in any given season. This summer, we are badly off, because we have some pretty big fires to the east and west of us. Between the smoke and heat, I imagine some people are getting pretty sick. I am grateful for the airconditioning that I have been enjoying.

In night time sleeping news. Dean officially sleeps through the night. He generally yells at me at his door for a bit, then crawls into his bed and goes to sleep. Naps work about the same. He does all of this without any bottles. The only time he seems to awaken at night is when he is teething.

Dean is teething now. The poor baby apparently grew two molars at my mom's house. I was so busy watching for a tooth to match the one he'd just gotten in the front, that I didn't think about molars. His grand ol' daddy crammed his finger into Dean's mouth one day and found two molars that are almost completely in. He's up to 7 teeth, an additional two molars are starting, and then the mysterious matching tooth I imagine will show one day soon. Thank goodness for teething tablets.

We went to have an unltrasound done this week. We'll be having another boy. I am glad the little dude sat on the camera for us, because it is kind of neat to know this time around. Now when I go through his big brother's clothes to prep for birthing time, I know to stick the "boy clothes" in the drawer without any little bows sewn on. There are so many neat things about having another boy of which I am glad.

That said, I found myself feeling a little sad, because I don't know if we'll afford another child. Though, I don't care if I have a girl, it does bring up the question of who I would pass on our family cradle which has held many generations of babies. Traditionally it is passed from oldest daughter to oldest daughter. I've grown up knowing that it would come into my hands one day and wondering if I'd have a little girl to pass it on to. I may still, who knows.

A special thanks to all of you who sent encouraging messages as I went on my sleeping quest. I have started a new one. I am trying to get my husband to sleep through the night. He is often up for a few hours in the middle of the night tossing and turning. I plan to start him off with quiet activities before bedtime (no power tools, internet, or guns) and let him cry it out instead of allowing him to get up every time he awakens to browse the internet. If all of this fails, I will confine him to his room and move into the guest room. I halfway tease, though I do have a dream of one day receiving a full nights rest. I know what you are thinking...umm...second baby in November. I know. I get it. BELIEVE ME, I get it.


Anonymous said...

I'm so grateful you have air conditioning. It must be awful down there with the heat AND smoke.

And good for Dean on his new teeth! He's a very clever little boy to grow such nice look toothies. I can't wait to see him again.


Toni said...

Boys love their Mama! (Girls love their Papa, so don't get jealous Daddies).

As much as we long for that full night of sleep... le *sigh* ... probably won't happen unless we check into a hotel. LOL And don't put it past me, many a night I am tempted to put the monitor on Daddy's side of the bed and silently slip out into the living room for a decent bit of snooze-time on the couch.

Anonymous said...

Those who know me know that I do not sleep well at night; never have. However, I found that I sleep better on those nights that I exercised a few hours prior.

Julie said...

Yay for another boy how exciting! So glad to hear Dean has learned that sleeping is a good thing :) Speaking of sleeping Ryan just woke up! Talk to you soon.

Gary H said...

Hi, We were sorry you didn't make the Hike that time. The odd sounds in the night didn't bother us, but we did feel for you.
You really do need to go camping, with us I hope!
Love ya,

Gary H said...

Can't wait for you to go camping again.
Murphy oil soap also works Great on grease!
Love ya, GLH
ps having trouble posting, keeps kicking me out?