Sunday, May 4, 2008


The other day I was cooking dinner while Dean was playing. I thought he had gone back to play in his room because I usually have the other doors locked for his safety. When things were suddenly too quiet, my mommy instinct kicked in a little too late. I rushed down the hall to catch him before he got into too much mishief, only to find him at the toilet with one of his bath cups full of toilet water...which he was drinking! YUCK!


Julie said...

That's hilarious! Ryan is obsessed with the you think the boys' obsession with the toilet will make potty training easier?

Toni said...

The little guy is self reliant! Getting a drink for himself, what a big boy!! lol

Hmm... maybe we should remove the bleaching tablet from the toilet tank.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it will make potty training easier based on my experience. They just seem to instinctly know when it's time. Vigostsky would say there is that zone of approximal development where you can hurry them up a bit - my two kids never wanted to be hurried. They seemed to like to get things done according to their own timing.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dean,
When you come up to our house, we'll share our toilet with you and even teach you how to drink out of NotSoSlim's. It's a big one. Your Mommy and Daddy helped put it in the ground before our time and the little fishes love to swim and and poop and swim and poop! But you'll have to promise not to tell Mommy or Daddy because they might not let you come again!

Lots of Love and good health,

Molly and Buckley and Bailey

Anonymous said...

Hi Christina,
Finally checking out your blogspot. Great story about Dean!

Julie said...

"Vigostsky would say there is that zone of approximal development where you can hurry them up a bit"

I just had flashes of college streak before my eyes. I haven't heard the name Vigostsky and the term zone of proximal development in quite a while...yet I still knew exactly what was being said.