Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Monkey in the Night

Well, because crying it out wasn't complicated enough...

Dean finally realized he can climb out of his crib last night. Thanks a lot little dude! Your timing in sleep issues is right on as usual. So, yeah, crying it out is probably not going to work so well when the little monkey can just get out of bed. I've known he can do it for quite some time, but he hadn't quite figured it out. I finally gave in and just put him down with a bottle so that I could figure something out today. Then I was wistfully hoping he'd wake up this morning not knowing that he could do it. You know? Forget during deep sleep or something. Fat chance, first thing this morning he was out.

Now onto sleep training part II. Sleeping without a bottle AND in the big boy bed.

In other related news...
nap: like maybe 2 minutes
8:00- Maybe 1/2 a minute
8:30- stupid dryer buzzed and woke him up causing him to climb out of the crib
9:00- dunno, ask the bottle
6:30- up for the day

Yeah, that's right Dean slept through the night 3 nights running! *fingers crossed* If that continues, sleeping in the big boy bed won't be as big of a battle, once he is asleep.


Julie said...

Or time for a crib tent if you want him in the crib longer.

Anonymous said...

Crib Tent - that's a good idea. Way back in the olden days, Doris Day and Rock Hudson or some similar actor did a funny movie about a blended family - 8 or 9 kids and they kept the toddle locked up in a jail like play pen. It was funny at the time. Somehow I don't think Dean would think it was very funny. :)