Monday, July 14, 2008

How Roomy

I've been working on turning the guest room into the baby's room. It's mostly done now. I added some curtains, put up decorative cloud stickers on the wall, bought a dresser, and arranged furniture. We were wanting to buy a four drawer dresser to double as a changing table, but were unable to find what we were looking for. We broke down and bought a changing table too. A very good friend of the family had offered to buy us a changing table for Dean, but at the time we were living in a tiny house without enough room for one. In hindsight, we should have accepted the offer and crammed it in our tiny house. Who'd have known we were going to move?

Yesterday we were putting the changing table together, and Dean fell right into one of the corners of it. He hit his chin so hard that it jammed his lower teeth into the roof of his mouth causing a some bleeding. Thankfully we were able to stop the bleeding and there was no need of stiches, but the little tike is pretty bruised and sore.

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