Tuesday, November 18, 2008

17 Days of Glory

Well, what is there to say? To all my adoring fans. I am still pregnant.

Some things I've learned these past days:

Most home remedies for inducing your little one cause more irregular contractions than you are already experiencing, but nothing too exciting.

One can enter more serious labor, only to go back to the "calm" stages of labor.

Contractions are tiring.

I can patiently learn to do things like cross stitch while I await.

I maybe even enjoy cross stitching...a little bit.

Ok, I've maybe become the teeniest addicted to my current cross stitching project.

I still do not enjoy shopping, but can manage to do so for nearly 20 hours in two weeks.

After shopping for that many hours, I can somehow manage to buy nothing more than candy for in case my body gets more serious about this labor business.

Labor candy doesn't last very long when you eat it every night and morning during contractions.

Brownies do not increase productivity during labor.

My mother loves me enough to take off of work and leave her family for an eternity.

Walking does not in fact seem to help with dilation in my case.

In other news, Dean has been totally hilarious. He's beginning to speak more clearly and has become one of the most ornery children I know. I love him to pieces. Lucas is still working extra hard at home and work. He's been wonderful. We bought each other a new TV for Christmas and he's spent the last few days mounting it on the wall and running cords in baby safe ways.

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Anonymous said...

Lucas is so clever...starting with his choice in a life long partner! I wish I could hear little Dean and the best sentence is the one about your mom. I'm so glad you have had this time together. My thoughts and prayers are with her.