Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Screaming Success

Well, after a week and a half of vomiting and diarrhea Dean is finally back to himself. Poor boy! He did sleep through the night for one glorious week and is now back to his nightly wakings, though he's sleeping in blessed 5 hour chunks. I can deal with that.

He does have some new things he has been trying out. He can now climb into all chairs in the house and prefers the one at the computer table. The great thing about our laptop is that we can close the "lid" so he doesn't bang on the keys. He is also very proficient (teacher term) at climbing from the chairs to the dining room table where he likes to stand and say "Mama!" I'm glad he still tells me when he's doing something dangerous.

His other love of the moment is the phone. He has always enjoyed the telephone, but now he walks around with his hand to his ear (no actual phone) and talks to...somebody. In this picture, he's talking to grandma.

Of course I have saved the best for last. He has become in the habit of screaming. At daycare it's a game they started playing recently. One kid screams and the rest call back with their own scream. They are all very serious, so I guess it's not really a game. Apparently they are communicating. I do wish he'd left this new trick at daycare, because it drives me nuts. Well, except sometimes, like in this video where I find it funny.
I will not be offended if you do not like to watch someone elses kid scream and choose not to watch this video.

Does anyone have tips on how to stop screaming kids? I've tried ignoring him, taking him outside right away so he knows to save it for outside, and telling him no. What worked for you?


Julie said...

I was just checking in and if you hadn't posted was going to email to make sure you were alive. I love that Dean still lets you know he's being dangerous wow..I never thought about the table top being a new adventure. Oh we have the same lap top :) and Ryan loves to bang on it! I watched your screaming video but with no sound :) Have you tried the dog whisperers famous "shhh" very quickly and seriously? No I'm being and kids are a lot a like...We've tried it on Ryan and it somewhat startles him and he looks at us like "umm I think they actually expect me to listen". If you don't watch the dog whisperer on the national geographic channel you should! It's totally parenting 101!! Ok we're off to lala land. I guess I should have just emailed you.

Patricia Stuever said...

nope sorry it just happens. Ignoring it is about the best you can do. :)

Anonymous said...

Its been a while, but Sarah was the worst....I think I would pick her up and tell her "no, no screaming." If it continued I would blow a puff of air in her face. That often worked. During dinner it could be the worst. I hate to admit it but if it started to get out of control, we'd put her in the kitchen in her high chair facing away from the family. I could see her but my ears did not split. When she felt that no one was paying her attention, she would quiet and eat her food. I guess it worked in the long run because I rarely see her scream now!


Anonymous said...

What cracks me up is the one sock photo - he might be taller, but things haven't changed THAT much. SarahC.

Toni said...

The video is too funny! I started laughing with the baby carrier on, and almost woke Benito up. LOL

Poor Mama Joe, hope he grows out of it soon <3

Anonymous said...

I just put this on again so I could here his little voice, albiet screaming. It was so cute! I'm sorry I missed that stage in his life. The dogs were outside and they came running in to see what was going on. If Molly were a person, she definitely would be a happy go lucky it is she has to settle for growl, wrestle, growl, bark, bark bark.