Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Time Well Spent

What did I do after a day at work before I had a child? I think I mostly cooked dinner, did some dishes, and watched a load of T.V. I also worked later because there is always work to do. What a bore!

After I come home from work nowadays, I still generally cook dinner and do the dishes, but I do not watch TV...maybe ever. Unless of course the occasional toddler geared show counts. Added to that list I do all kinds of other fun things. I water flowers, create beautiful works of art with sidewalk chalk, play in the blowup pool, give piggy back and horsey rides, teach a young one to ride his bike, and many other glorious activities.
Now I have to be straight with you, I also change stinky diapers, say "Don't do that." "No, hitting." "Yuck, spit that out." "If you (fill in the blank) one more time, we are going inside." like a million times, dig disgusting things out of said toddler's mouth, lay in an exhausted heap in the middle of the living room while toddler plays around me, and other not so interesting things. All in all, I spend my time more active, engaged, and productively than ever before. And, I love every minute of it.

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Anonymous said...

And it looks like Dean loves every minute of it too!