Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chubby Chunkins

Some of you have been wondering what my tummy might look like now a days. No, I am not pushing it up, just making sure that my skirt doesn't hang straight down so you can really see the shape and size. Pretty big huh?
I am in my 7th month and happy to say that my gestational diabetes test came back with good results. I just barely scored under the qualifying blood sugar marks. Yay me!
I am finally cool enough at work to have earned a nickname. Cause you know, when people give you a nickname it usually means that you are part of the group and well likes. Even if your nickname is Chubby Chunkins...
In other good news that I'm absolutely obsessed with: Dean has been sleeping through the night for about a week. And he's not been waking up until 5:30. And he's happy most of the time. Well, until tonight when daddy accidentally cut off the tip of his finger. Blood, oh so much blood. But I think the little kiddo's going to be fine. Hormonal mommy needs to take a chill pill though.

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Julie said...

Look at you!!! Not much longer and you'll be a mama of 2! Um more info needed on the missing finger tip.