Sunday, October 25, 2009


This is one of those entries where I entertain you at my expense. A few weeks back we had a couple of torrential downpours. Or maybe those two days were just full of regular old rain, but after two years with a dry river bed it seemed like a lot of rain. Dean and I ran errands and bought rain boots for his little wet feet. He splashed, jumped, hooted, and hollered in those red and black rain boots. Then refused to wear any other shoes for awhile.

In the days following the rains, I have been viscously attacking mushrooms in our yard. All kinds of mushrooms. They ranged in color and size and became interesting to me though still annoying. I was afraid some might be poisonous and one of the kids would eat one. Heck, they've tried to eat everything else we have in our backyard.

One day I realized there were grasses growing in my otherwise empty hanging pots. All of them are fairly high above my head, so I was tipping them side ways and reaching up to take out the grasses when I found these beautiful amazingly bright pink mushrooms. They were incredible. Dean and Jack were out with me, and I didn't want to pull the pot down to study and remove the miracle mushrooms, so I left them thinking I'd look them up on the internet and remove them later


I spent a few nights searching for these mushrooms, but never saw a picture of any that were quite so bright. So, I finally set out to photograph them before I disposed of them. I took down the pot and was surprised at how much one particular section looked like butterfly wings. Man nature was amazing. As I got down closer to pull them out, I realized that they were not indeed mushrooms. I was wrong...oh how I was wrong. When did I put THAT in there?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Jack Walks

Although Jack took his first step a few months ago, he has recently decided it is time to walk. I can't believe how fast he's grown. I look at him now, and I see a little boy. A very young toddler. I no longer see that little bitty baby I brought home. This is exciting because I know what is coming and how many cool things I get to teach him soon. But, alas, it also saddens me. I morn the lose of the baby.