Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas Tree

10 Steps to Set up for Baby's first Christmas (scroll down for pictures)

Step One: Treck out to find the perfect tree, then attempt to place it safely in the trunk of your car.

Step Two: Turn on Christmas music and get ready to decorate.

Step Three: Hose the neighbor cat's "holiday cheer" (poop) off of your driveway and shoes.

Step Four: Place the tree in a corner of your living room. Give baby a safe ornament and pray that it keeps him busy while you decorate.

Step Five: Untangle the lights that baby has so kindly tangled.

Step Six: Place lights areound the tree, while refocusing baby away from the plug outlet, water bin, and tree needles.

Step Seven: Place ornaments on the tree while refocusing baby away from the outlet, water bin, tree needles, and ornaments that dad placed too low.

Step Eight: Place the burgandy sheet you found in the hallway closet around the base of the tree for a little cheer.

Step Nine: Push as much furniture around the tree as possible to keep the baby out of trouble.

Step Ten: Enjoy the tree and other decorations around the house that you finally managed to put out before Christmas Eve.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What fun! You should ask Santa Claus to make you some Christmas ornaments.... for next year!