Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sugary Sweetness

Well, no more sugary cereal snacking for me. I've been cut off. My glucose test results came in today and they didn't look too hot. I have high blood sugar and have to go in for some more tests to determine if I've got Gestational Diabetes. In the mean time I'm to have no simple sugars. Bummer. I guess I'm hoping to go in and take the fasting blood sugar test and have them tell me that I'm not a diabetic, but need to be a bit on the careful side.

On better news, I think Dean may actually be healthy again. I totally base this on the fact that he actually ate his dinner tonight. He hasn't done that in a few days. He also played after dinner...yeah, he PLAYED. How totally cool!

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Anonymous said...

good for Dean and good for you that you are taking care of yourself. We're going to have to have a talk with that little guy come mid november about making his mama sicky. God less you and know that you are loved.