Monday, May 19, 2008

Adventures in Motherhood...and Life

First I have to start with the great time I had with Dean yesterday. After a few fun filled days with my aunt and cousin here to visit, Dean and I spent most of our Sunday alone in the house. It may have been due to pure exhaustion, or simple hormonal imbalance, but he had me laughing until I cried.

It all started when I tried to play with one of the toys he was playing with. He took it from me with a firm no and then gave me a look that was the mirror image of one of my dad's "Shame on you." looks. This I of course found hilarious, because he must have learned that look from me. Though I knew it was rude to laugh because he was very serious, I got the giggles. He responded by walking over to me and telling me to "Shh!" over and over again while placing one little bitty pointer finger over my mouth. I am a horrible role model, because I didn't hush when asked, but only laughed harder. Man those giggles get me every time. A few minutes later he bumped into the dresser and turned around with one finger waving and pointing while he proceded to chew the dresser out. I'm not sure what he was saying, but again...laughter laughter laughter. Poor baby won't think I understand him.

In other adventures, we bought Dean a wading pool for the back yard. It has been in the 100s for over a week now, and my little outdoors boy comes in with a beet red face every time. The pool helps. The problem is that I don't want to create a breeding ground for mesquitos, kill the grass from leaving it in one place to long, or have a generally dirty water place for him to play in. This means that I have to empty the thing every day or so and move it to a new location. Today was my first attempt.

Notes to self:

* wading pools are too heavy for me to just tip and dump
* sucking on one end of a hose with the other end in the water does not create enough of a
vaccum to empty the pool
* stepping on the side of a blow up pool only releases a very small amount of water
* emptying the pool with Dean's new sand pail takes well over 1/2 an hour, even with the little
one's help

Needless to say, after many different strategies, I was finally able to empty the pool quite some time after I started. There must be an easier way.


Greg said...

If you connect a hose to the faucet and start filling the pool with water, you can then disconnect the hose from the faucet and the water should start coming out again, creating the syphon. (Leave the other end in the pool the whole time.)

Anonymous said...

another idea...put the pool on the patio so it doesn't have to be on the grass.

Nobody More said...

That sounds like a lot of work. Why not play in it until all the water is splashed out? (That appears to work for our sandbox)