Saturday, March 29, 2008

7 weeks

I'm getting a bump and wondering if people would be starting to notice that I'm pregnant or if they'll think I'm just gaining some weight. With my current job situation I'm not sure which to wish for.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

O Glorious Night

Dean slept from 8 to 5. Way to go little one. I changed his diaper and gave him a bottle, but he was having a tough time falling back asleep. An hour later I decided it was time to just get out of bed and let him be up for the day, so I took him out in the living room and sat down with him in the new rocking chair. He fell asleep! My little Dean who hates to sit on my lap and especially in a rocking chair, shifted around until he was comfortable and dozed off. I loved the feeling of his little sleeping body in my arms. Now, if I can get him to do all of this tonight fingers are crossed, but I've been tricked before.

Thanks for the Birthday present Dean. I turn 28 today. I was about 4 years old when my mom turned 28 and I'm the third kiddo in the family. My younger brother would have been 2. I'm glad for her sake that though she had 4 of us already, we were all sleeping through the night.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Craving #1

Tuna fish pasta, which I'm nervous will make my tummy icky later. I made it for dinner and ate it anyway. Yummy!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Saga Continues

Early Tuesday Morning- 3am

I'm sitting at the computer eating an apple, while Lucas takes his turn with Up All Night Dean. The apple is for the morning sickness feeling I'm begining to battle. We've been up since 1am and the poor thing can't fall back asleep with or without our help. I am wondering if I will ever sleep again with another one on the way. Maybe Dean's sad sad crying will lull baby #2 to sleep. I wish I could fix it...Where oh where are my magical mommy powers? Did I miss the handing down of the mommy cape or something? Haha!

On other notes, I chipped one of my teeth pretty good earlier today while chewing gum. I think I need to go back to the orthodontist to get those two teeth to stop bumping into each other. Doh!

Saturday, March 22, 2008


The doorbell has been ringing all day! First, someone came by with a very large box for my cousin, Sarah. She's coming today to visit us for Easter. Now those of you who don't know, I love packages. As in, I become very seriously excited to see a package on the doorstep and am often forced to wait in anxiety to see what is inside that box! I don't even care if it's for me, the suspense just kills me. Though it is a great way for those you who are looking for a way to torture me for any misdeeds I may have done, I think maybe the torture is the part that I look back on and enjoy. If you sent me a large box with instructions not to open it until the next holiday and I was to finally open it after days of suspense to find one rainbow colored sock with no match, I most likely would jump for joy screaming "It's a sock!". The only thing that I don't like about said packages is when there is no note and I don't know who to send a thank you card to for that lovely sock. The best suspense of course is when the package is not for myself or Dean, because then I have no excuse to open it immediately as is the said package for Sarah. Which, by the way I did not stop Dean from thoroughly examining in case he accidently opened it for her. He IS only one year old, he can't help it.

The second doorbell ring was not as exciting, because it was an appraiser for the house we are renting. Dean, however, thought that he was a real hoot and followed him all over the house waving and saying "Hello". He was sad to see the guy go.

Later the bell rang yet again with a lovely plant/floral arrangement from my aunt for Easter. The next best thing to receiving a mysterious package is receiving unexpected gifts. As you can see, this one is so very adorable with it's basket and living flowers. It will stay right where it is until I inadvertently kill it. I imagine that won't be until our next move as I've got a green thumb unless unpacking boxes after a move. Then, I usually finish unpacking and in my excitement to run around a new house free of boxes I become quickly disappointed as I realize few of my plants made it through yet another move. There is something about live plants in a house that makes it feel cleaner and more comfortable. I have my aunt to thank for the two I have in my house currently.

Going right along with my LONG blog entry is another session of doorbell ringing. This lovely and expected gift from my dad. While I was in San Diego, he asked me if there was anything I wanted for my birthday this year. I immediately said some money toward a new rocking chair with a higher back to rest my head on during those long nights with little ones. I'm determined that the next baby will love to be rocked and I will love rocking it in my comfortable new chair. Lucas and I found this one the other day. If I were really spoiled, it would recline. As it is it rocks, swivels, and is ultra comfortable. I can't wait to use it. I've been sitting in it all day trying it out.

Of course the doorbell we'll be the most excited for, is the one with my cousin on the other side. I can't wait to see her and am so glad she felt comfortable coming to my house for Easter while her parents are out of country. Lord knows, they've taken me in enough times and I never once felt guilty, unwelcome, or like I was in the way even when they were living in already crowded quarters. I love that I am able a part of the family that is doing that for someone this time around. Only, it's even better than that as I absolutely adore my cousins and am ready for our visit with this one. Here she is her gifts that her family sent. The bunny's ears even bend!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Baby Baby

I went to the baby Doc (well nurse really) today. We have a tentative due date of November 15th. We'll have a "real" due date after my appointment next month when we get to see the baby's heart beat. She also let me know that I am borderline anemic, so I get to take more iron suppliments. Yay, me! Everything else seemed to be going as expected. I am still feeling great. Mostly I'm just tired and hungry. Man am I hungry!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Let the Good Times Roll

I am feeling GREAT today. Yay, me! The sun is shining and the weather is perfect. Oh yes...and Spring Break has officially begun. San Diego here we come!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Dirt Bike

Dad and Dean spent time out in the garage tonight after dinner and mom got a break.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Make-up Post

Dean's favorite pace to sit was inside of my favorite pot for quite some time. He was excited when we finally planted things inside, but he kept pulling whole plants out and piking the flowers. He has an orange one in his hand on the right.

I've tried and tried to get a picture of his curls. His hair is so light it's hard to see, but I think this one shows them fairly well. There has been much debate as to whether he'll have curly hair or straight hair. Of course, this could change as mine did when I was young.

Of course the best for last. If you double click on the picture, it's a little easier to read. I took this one this morning.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

On the Up and Up

Praise God! Dean has slept much better the last two nights! He still has a bummer rash all over his body and is quite the fuss bucket. Surely the sleeping is a sign that he's beginning to feel better.

We had our state writing tests today for my fourth graders. It was fun to walk around and see all of the great things that my kids have learned. Many of them won't score well, because they're not profecient yet. I find that I don't really care because I'm so thrilled that they have achieved so much. One student, that recently joined my class, could not write more than bullet pointed notes in place of a paragraph. Today, though he didn't write the multiple paragraph paper I was hoping for, he wrote a whole paragraph AND it was a good one. I am so proud of my students and their hard work.

That said, I can't help but think that some of you who read my writing regularly are thinking that maybe I shouldn't be the one to teach kids how to write. I blame it on sleep deprivation personally, but think what you will. *grin*

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Lack of Posts and Sleep

Please do forgive the lack of posts. I have fun pictures to load and stories to tell, but only find myself available during our nightly rampages of screaming baby who can't be consoled. I find myself taking a break from his kicking legs and headbutting at 12 a.m. tonight. Anyone else have a baby who wakes up all hours of the night or has gone for over a week with night time screaming sessions with no other symptoms than a rash? I thought maybe he was getting another tooth, but now I'm not so sure.