Friday, February 27, 2009

Sleep Dear Child

It's been an exhausting week. This weekend is the biggest loser weigh in for the month of February in our household. I am mostly sure that it will be a competition to see who gained the least weight versus who actually lost weight. There has just been too much to do AND keep track of what I'm shoving in my mouth in between. By the way, I think I ate an entire box of Shortbread Girl Scout Cookies today. Yup, pretty sure. Dearest husband, please stop bringing the junkfood into the house. And eldest...Sleep already child. Go to sleep at bedtime and stay that way until at least 6 without all of the fighting, screaming, bed dismantling, pooping on the floor, and other havic you seem to wish to create.

I know Mom, the poop is my payback. I am truly sorry about that...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blood and Guts

I have some really cute pictures and stories to tell, but I have been so very busy this month. I'm thinking that next weekend I may have to find some time to load them onto the computer, do some zooming in, picking of favorites, and so forth. For today, I have a story. One that shows an example of our busy, crazy and story filled month of February.

Dean has recently figured out that he can escape the house from our master bathroom so long as mommy and daddy have left their bedroom unlocked. Periodically he will wander back and check the door to see if we've forgotten or been lazy. After a super fun birthday pool party that we attended yesterday, we of course had a ton of chores and catching up to do today so that our work week will function more smoothly. Lucas was very dutifully sorting laundry while I nursed Jack. Dean was suddenly very quiet, which if you know my noisy son, that is a dead give away that something is up...Or in this case, out ... in the back yard riding his new "moto-bicycle" as he calls his bike. Lucas went out and rounded the poor boy up, but before he could make it all the way in the house (via the sliding glass door), Dean was booking it through the house to the bedroom again to make a quick escape. Lucas of course was onto him and bolted quickly to catch Dean before he got away with it again (and to lock the door). When Lucas got to the door to our bedroom, disaster struck.

Dean has a habit (a good one) of closing doors behind him. When Lucas opened our bedroom door, it slammed against the wall and bounced back. Our lever door knob handle rammed into Lucas' thigh/groin area splitting it open.

Dean is a sweet child really. So he tried to comfort daddy by lying on the floor next to him and showing daddy his own owie and Curious George bandaid on his foot. Daddy was in too much pain to even talk at this point, but the little guy trucked on.

Finally Daddy yelled out OW and my wondering out on the couch finally ceased. Yes, someone is hurt. Jack and I went to investigate and what I found was possibly one of the more shocking things I have ever found (aside from the trail of blood in our house when my youngest brother cut off his toe). Lucas pulled back his pants to reveal a gaping wound that had parts of his leg oozing out.

I had never seen the inside of someone's leg before. Anytime something like that is on TV I turn my head and if it continues I ask Lucas if we can PLEASE turn the channel. There was no channel turning this morning. Only quick (and shaky) action.

After taking the boys to the neighbor's house for a long visit, 4 hours ish in the ER, and 15 stitches, the doctor was able to push and pull Lucas back together and send the poor boy home. Dean is very sorry. I know because he's been going around the house telling everyone (and thing). "I sowwy bear." "I sowwy Daddy." "I sowwy dishwasher." My poor boys.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Birthday Message

Dearest Dean,

You are two years old today.

I love that you are powerful and spirited. You have an overflowing energy that I sometimes wish I could tap into. This year you have morphed from a little baby who knew what he wanted, but couldn’t express himself to a young boy who can talk and talk. I am excited to finally hear all of those deep thoughts you have and understand the world as you see it.

My favorite moments are those in the early morning when you are willing to snuggle next to me on the couch while you wake up. Often you spend that time patting my arm or leg as though I am in need of comfort.

Along with all of that spirit, you are a kind and generous boy. You are constantly worried about your little brother and often check to make sure he has all that he needs. I love that you care about him so much and look forward to the time when you understand how to do so with the gentleness that you intend.

You like to spend time wrestling with Dad, watching Dora, and cleaning the house. If you decide to always enjoy cleaning the house while you’re growing up, that would be ok with me. I’ll even show you how to sweep things into a pile because I know how frustrated you get when the food ends up spread out all over the kitchen.

Today when I dropped you off at daycare, you didn’t wine or grab my leg to try to get me to stay. You said “Bye Bye Mommy.” and then totally ignored me. I want you to feel that comfortable, but I was a little sad because you’re already growing up and will need me less and less.

Thank you for teaching me how to be a mom. You’ve helped me to become a less selfish person and you’ve taught me to love someone in a brand new way. The way a mom loves her son.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Ok, so I know I owe all of you a proper posting with a story, pictures, and some deep thoughts. I know this, but you must wait longer because who has time with two sick babies, a full time job, and a husband on his way out of town for a bit.

So quick update. Dean is not the only one with an ear infection...apparently Jack has one too. My poor sweet babies. In the meantime my other babies (the 8 year olds I teach) are giving substitute after substitute havick. Because, you know, the world has ended when you teacher doesn't come to school for a few days.

On a funny note. I've been saying "darn it" a lot lately. Thinking it was a good alternative to some other words I could say when something doesn't go right. Only, Dean can't make to R sound and only says "Damn it". Oooops. Sorry little dude, but I think I taught you your first curse word. And how to say "dude" which you think is hilarious.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust

Jack's come down with the icky cold! Poor thing. His little cough sounds both horrible and pathetic. I hope both of my babies get well soon! Lucas is the only one who hasn't had this nastiness yet. Maybe he'll avoid it since he's going to be out of town all week.

On a happier note (well for me), Lucas and I are doing the biggest loser here at home. Yup it's time to lose the baby weight (for both of us) and try to live a bit healthier for our kiddos. We've decided to weigh in weekly, but reward monthly. For the month of January I won. I lost 4% of my total weight and was able to keep my milk supply strong. Go me! This month, my reward is that Lucas will change all diapers for 24 hours. If he'd won, he'd get a 3 hour uninterupted nap.

Now...what do I want to win for the month of February. Time to start thinking.