Thursday, June 26, 2008

Night Time Sleeper

Who has a kiddo sleeping through the night in a big boy bed? Anyone?

Oh! Oh! I do! I do!

Dean didn't wake until just before six. Now we just have to get through the crying when he goes to bed, which is managable if heart breaking. The really tough one was that first night where he was up most of the night crying. I honestly thought that it would be a few nights of that, but it was just the one.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Dean! Good job Mom and Dad! Keep up the good work on our precious grandson! I can't wait until the day he is old enough to come and sleep in his own little room at Grandma's house with his little brother or sister just like his Dad used to do and his Grandma before that. I distinctly remember standing in my grandmother's San Diego kitchen and saying, "Mommy said I could stay for 8 days because I'm 8!"


Julie said...

Yay!!! I hope it keeps up. You'll soon not be as torn up about the crying before bed because you know he can sleep and is just asserting his I don't want to in there...not because anything is wrong with him. I'm so excited he had a good night.