Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Flexible, It's My Middle Name

Many of you know that I often have to change things in my life. Where I live...the school that I teach at...the grade level I teach...

This school year is no exception. I've been teaching a lovely Kindergarten class for the last 3 days, only to find out today that I will start teaching a third grade class on Monday. Huh. My goal is nearly complete. I have taught K, 1st, 4th, 5th, and 6th grades. After this year, I will only have 2nd grade left to tackle and then I'll be a REAL elementary school teacher I guess. Those of you who don't know, most teachers teach maybe 1 or 2 grades most of their career. I seem to be the exception.

This week I am reminded of how much my life has changed since I've become a mother. I seem to be able to do more before 6:30 A.M. than I ever thought possible. I started this morning at 4:30 with a crying toddler. I spent the next few hours trying to calm said toddler down as he ran around the house screaming bloody murder (because he woke up too early), unloading the dishwasher, showering, getting dressed, doing my make up, packing lunches, getting Dean dressed, cleaning the kitchen counters, picking up toys, loading up the car, and taking out the trash (and of course keeping the screaming toddler out of trouble). Granted, most days do not quite start like this, but gone are the days when I could get up and out of the house in 20 minutes with blissful silence as I struggled to awaken fully. Of course, I am often rewarded for all of my hard work and my change in life style with images like this:

Note: I always laugh at how many grammar and spelling mistakes I make whenever I post that I am a teacher. Please forgive my sleep deprived (and did I mention pregnant) self. Oh, and I never did learn how to spell. *grin*


Anonymous said...

oh how precious! Worth all the effort for such a cutie.

The classroom is a different matter. I feel so angry that they did that to you, but I think in the end you'll be happy for it. Third graders are really sweet and they are much more independent than the five year olds. They will also be able to handle it much better when you have maternity leave. They end of the year is a little tricky as they turn into fourth graders, but that's ok too.

I think you are wonderful in taking it so well and seeing the advantages. I would be totally upset.

love, love.

anna said...

That is one cute kid you've got there. Don't worry, the day will come (maybe in a few years) when you will be able to get out in 20 minutes again. That's when the boys will be telling you to hurry up.

We were going through some old pictures of Nathan and Zoey yesterday. When Zoey saw Nathan she said, "Oh Wow, Mom. Dean looks like Nathan!". I guess she wasn't really expecting cousins to share traits.

Greg said...

I no longer have spelling mistakes. Ever. I only have typos.

Julie said...

I cannot believe you're going to be teaching 3rd!!! You must contact Kristen as she's doing 3rd this year too.