Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cooling Off

Note: To skip all of the wordiness and go straight for the pictures, scroll down.

The weather here has continued to be in the 100s, so we took a mini-vacation to the beach at the end of last week. Our original plan at the beginning of the summer was to go camping. Knowing it would be so hot, we were trying to decide between the mountains and the beach as they are generally cooler than here in the valley. Well, eventually, the tent camping idea became a trailer camping idea and before we knew it my rather large pregnant butt had decided that what we really needed was a nice hotel stay with lots of pillows, a comfy bed, and a shower.

I really love to camp, but have some pretty horrid memories of our last camping trip. On that trip I was also pregnant, and just overcoming the morning sickness stage. I thought I could be a tough girl and rough it with the best of them, tentless in the late fall, and just skip the extra long hike everyone was planning on. I had a really good book and nature. I'd be fine. About an hour after we laid down to sleep, I got the chills and started loudly vomiting. How embarrassing. Lucas and I were trying to decide whether to go home or just stay. After all, it was just morning sickness. Nothing new or life threatening. 20 some odd hours later I was in the emergency room with an IV to give me both fluid and potassium and a bunch of meds to try to stop the vomiting. Somewhere on the trip I'd gotten food poisoning or came down with a stomach virus. ICK!

This "camping trip" was much more pleasant. The hotel room was nice and clean and included a continental breakfast. We had only to walk down a steep hill to reach the bay and a very short drive to hit the sandy beach. I found everything Dean did or said hilarious. Each action and word from Lucas seemed endearing and nurturing. I hardly had to pick Dean up and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. I was really sad when it was time to leave my little piece of heaven.

In these pictures you will notice that Dean is carrying around a large piece of tubular seaweed. My engineer, very straight and narrow husband is sometimes creative in that he thinks of solutions for problems that I would never think of. Sometimes he's even a little goofy. This weekend, I saw a brand new side of him as he introduced Dean to the tube seaweed and told him it was a rat tail. Then they proceeded to run up and down the beach with their "rat tails" making ridiculous noises and having a grand old time. I wish I'd had my camera for that one, but I had to run back to the car to get it. By the time I came back the rat tail had become some tubular thing coming out of the sandcastle. Dean held the other end of it for hours and made water hose and vacuum cleaner noises while daddy excavated the mote. Tons of fun!

Oh and because this entry just absolutely isn't long enough. You can check out the progress on my pregnant belly by double clicking on the picture to the left.


Anonymous said...

more stories! more stories! I loved the part about camping in a motel. That's my style of camping nowadays too! And the pictures....oh they are wonderful! Thank you for sharing.


Julie said...

Oh my gosh Christina Dean is a little boy! When did that happen...he's so not a baby anymore. Does this mean the same thing is going to happen to Ryan? :~( You are very pregnant missy so cute!! How have you been feeling? I still can't get over how grown up Dean looks. I still picture him as the baby that sat on the couch with Ryan last summer.