Friday, November 21, 2008

The Latest


Still pregnant. Officially 1 week over due. Will start day 20 of in and out of labor tomorrow. When I made a visit to the doctor's office today, he set up to possibly induce on Sunday. The directions are to call the birthing center at 10 and see if they're too busy or if they've got some time. So...we continue to wait and see what will happen.

Also, Dean is super, duper, pukey, blow out the pants sick. We've had a constant load of laundry cleanup going since about 11 last night. I sure hope I can steer free of the illness and that our washing machine and dryer don't break. Poor little one. It stinks to be so sick!

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Patricia Stuever said...

The "call and see if we're busy" is normal I had to do it twice. Here's hoping for a slow Sunday. :)