Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I am no longer prenatal, nor am I post natal. Does that make me natal?

I've been having strong contractions 10 minutes apart for over a minute each. For. Two. Days. Yup ladies and gentlemen, two days of early labor. What fun! Mom came down to help out Monday night and we've been waiting and passing the time together since then. We've walked the malls and neighborhood. We've driven quickly over bumpy roads. Not much has changed, but we know the baby is working its way into the world. I'll introduce him when we next have a moment and he's no longer relaxing in my cushy tummy, but rather in my comforting arms.


Anonymous said...

yea, little guy! Hurry and get here and let your mommy get a well deserved rest!

Grandma CC

Julie said...

I hope the delivery part is speedy and safe! You and babe will be in my prayers.