Monday, May 26, 2008

Modeling Behavior

Warning: This entry has pregnancy sensitive details.

This morning as I prayed to the "porcelin god", Dean was leaning over my shoulder in intense study. After I had finished and we ventured out to the living room, he walked around mimicing my earlier behavior and spitting. I dont think I'm supposed to teach him how to heave into the toilet quite yet. I had preferred to teach him to pee, then poo, and work our way up. Although with his many stomach flus, maybe teaching him this first isn't too bad an idea.


Anonymous said...

oh honey, I wish you didn't have to feel sick, bless your heart. But it is outrageously funny to read what Dean did. I'm so glad that you can find the humor in it and share with us.

Larry said,"Thou shalt have no other gods before ye!" hee, hee. Easy for HIM to say who's never experienced morning sickness! :)


Julie said...

Ok not funny that you're sick I'm so sorry...but Chris and I both laughed at Dean's reaction...I can completely visualize that.