Wednesday, June 4, 2008


So if you have a year after your wedding to get thank you notes out to your guests, you have until Father's Day to post about Mother's Day right?

Lucas was wonderful and took me up to a redwood forest near our latest of homes. It was exciting to find snow there when it had been in the 100s here. Here are some pics of Dean's first snow and creek. He wasn't too sure about the snow until I taught him to throw snowballs at a stump. That worked wonderfully until his hands started to burn. We didn't have gloves poor fella. As for the creek, he just wanted to dive right in. He thought it was especially fun to put a stick in the water and pull it out to find it covered in moss. Double click the pics for a larger view.

Also, we gave Dean his first hair cut over this last weekend. It's getting warm and his curls were starting to droop. I know what you're thinking. "Were you really thinking he'd eat while you were giving him a cut." No, I wasn't. He ate, then I thought we might as well give him his cut while he was still tied down and I wouldn't have to clean him up twice. Worked nicely. He wasn't afraid or anything. I of course was sad to shave off his fun curls and give him a little boy haircut, but I think he's more comfortable.

If you're trying to call me, you might want to wait awhile. If you're waiting for a call from me, don't. The cell is officially dead as of 6:34 this evening. May it rest in peace. It died in the loving hands of my toddler as I tried to talk on the phone and tear my son away from the grill. I'll let you know when the new phone gets here.

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Anonymous said...

COOL! It looks like everyone had a wonderful time!