Sunday, May 3, 2009

When I Wish I had a Camera

You know those motorized scooter carts that some grocery stores provide for the elderly who have a tough time getting around the store? Ever see the mom's that are using them with kids hanging off of the side as they shop and they really need that thing, or are they lazy?

I was one of those mom's today. Picture this: A carseat hiding Jack in the basket at the front of the scooter and Dean on my lap while we drive around the store.

At first I was a little embarrassed and felt like I had no right to the "special cart", but I quickly got over this. After all, I am on crutches and can carry neither child.  How did I get them out of the car, you may ask. Lucas was with us. Too nervous to take both boys through the grocery store without help. I went thinking that next time he'd realize that I was more of a hinderance than a help. 

Boy was I wrong! Dean loves the motorized cart. Duh! He really thought that he was the one steering the entire time and was more than happy to cram items into the little space that Jack's carseat left behind. That was the easiest shopping trip I've ever had with the boys. No one was cranky and we were out speedy quick.


Anonymous said...

hee hee.
You'll never get him to walk around the store anymore once you're done with the crutches!


Julie said...

Sorry that I'm laughing at your pain. You guys must have been a sight! Oh and we finally drove over the new Benicia bridge today. What an improvement!