Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fall Fun

I used this walker when Jack was younger and Dean was potty training. It kept him out of the process, and, yet, didn't leave him out. Now we use it as a lawn mower and to give Jack rides around the front yard. Yes, Jack IS outside in his pajamas. What?

This picture is proof that I do laundry. See all of the clean laundry strewn around the floor in the back ground. The boys are taking a trip to the dump in their truck. Dean is so creative. I imagine Jack is too, but he doesn't talk much yet.

Just out of the shower. Mommy had to grab a diaper and came back to find Jack walking down the hall with his Mr. Happy backpack on. Cracks me up.

Jack also enjoys wearing hats. This one is his Johnny Appleseed hat.

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Anonymous said...

such sweeties! I'm such a lucky grandma...if only I could bundle them up and bring them home...for about an hour a day. Now how much is an airplane ticket for two little boys? :)