Thursday, June 4, 2009

For My own Purposes

When I took Jack to the doctor last Friday I found out that he is of course tall for his age and doing well with the eating. I was shocked to find that he had a double ear infection. OUCH! I am totally posting this here so that I can go back through my logs later on and count when the doctors start asking me how many ear infections he's had. With Dean I always stared at them and started trying to count. I had lost count after the 5th I think, then I'd get confused. With Jack, I hope I can always tell them 2. Cause that's how many he's had.


Anonymous said...

oh, the little ones...those ear infections are awful. How is your friends baby doing tonight?

PJ said...

Aw the poor guy. I was looking at my old medical records once and seems like my mom was always taking me into the doctor for ear aches! I didn't remember there had been so many times. Hope he feels better soon!

Greg said...

Rub some dirt on it. He'll be fine.