Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Slow Down Jackety!

Ok, so I posted about Jack's new sitting up and a few days later he added a few stunts. He was already doing the army crawl, though it was backwards. Now he crawls and can pull himself into a standing up position. Kiddo's only 6 months old. If he's standing, doesn't that mean walking's just around the corner? I hope it's a long 4 monthsish corner.

Dean and I are still potty training. Now we're on hard core. Today we were sitting on the potty when he pulled this cardboard roll onto his lap and the toilet lid to lean against his back. "I'm Dora!" he declared, "see my packpack? Dis my eyegass" Great kid! Now pee already so we can go "explore" the livingroom or back yard OR SOMETHING, I thought to myself. Also, because I'm into trying tricks for better sleeping and now potty training (mostly to entertain myself), I tossed a Cherrio into the and told him to pee on it. He did. Then he looked at me with a haunted and horrified expression and exclaimed, "Those are for eating, Mop!" Oh dear. Bad Mop, bad!
And then these two pictures. The top one is Dean at about 4 1/2 or 5 months, the bottom is Jack at 6 months.


Patricia Stuever said...

Try a paper boat or a pie pan.

Anonymous said...

Seeing those books in their little hands makes me want to get in the car right now and drive down to read them stories!