Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Birthday Message

Dearest Dean,

You are two years old today.

I love that you are powerful and spirited. You have an overflowing energy that I sometimes wish I could tap into. This year you have morphed from a little baby who knew what he wanted, but couldn’t express himself to a young boy who can talk and talk. I am excited to finally hear all of those deep thoughts you have and understand the world as you see it.

My favorite moments are those in the early morning when you are willing to snuggle next to me on the couch while you wake up. Often you spend that time patting my arm or leg as though I am in need of comfort.

Along with all of that spirit, you are a kind and generous boy. You are constantly worried about your little brother and often check to make sure he has all that he needs. I love that you care about him so much and look forward to the time when you understand how to do so with the gentleness that you intend.

You like to spend time wrestling with Dad, watching Dora, and cleaning the house. If you decide to always enjoy cleaning the house while you’re growing up, that would be ok with me. I’ll even show you how to sweep things into a pile because I know how frustrated you get when the food ends up spread out all over the kitchen.

Today when I dropped you off at daycare, you didn’t wine or grab my leg to try to get me to stay. You said “Bye Bye Mommy.” and then totally ignored me. I want you to feel that comfortable, but I was a little sad because you’re already growing up and will need me less and less.

Thank you for teaching me how to be a mom. You’ve helped me to become a less selfish person and you’ve taught me to love someone in a brand new way. The way a mom loves her son.


anna said...

What a horrible aunt am I! Happy birthday one day late, Dean the Bean! The present will be put in the mail.

Greg said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

oh, amen to those sentiments. It's wonderful that you share them.


Julie said...

Happy Birthday Big Boy!!!