Tuesday, March 24, 2009


This video with the young man in the giggle shirt is Dean when he first started laughing.
Compare this video to my next post of Jack's giggling.

A conversation with Dean at 2 years old :

Dean: "Jack, That a big NO NO!" while waving his pointer finger in Jack's face for emphasis.

Me: "Dean, Jack's not doing anything wrong. You let mommy and daddy be the boss of Jack."

Dean (while looking seriously into my eyes): "No, mommy, you not boss. Daddy boss. Dean want to be boss too.


Anonymous said...

the little devil! Grandma is going to have to come down there and help Mommy out. Mommys are ALWAYS the boss.

Anonymous said...

oh silly grandma! I just read the sentence on top of the picture. That's DEAN! Now I have to go back and listen to them both all over again to really tell the difference. what fun!