Monday, April 13, 2009


I've had so much to blog about. ?Usually that means that life is too busy happening to stop and blog. I've forgotten most of the funny things that have been happening and will have to do some sort of picture update later.

Jack is starting to crawl. He mostly does a backwards army crawl. Although, yesterday he did push his way forward once.

We spent Spring Break visiting as many grandparents as we could squeeze in both at our  house and down in San Diego. We also spent the week with a timer. Dean sat on the potty every hour, but only actually went potty at rest stops (because they're so cool) and once last night. Can't say I haven't been trying though.

A snapshot from this morning:

I needed to use the bathroom, so I placed a wide awake Jack in his crib to play (safe place) and left Dean to keep building blocks out in the livingroom. Just as I sat down I heard Jack crying and Dean saying "Mop! Mop! Pick up my brudder!" Can't a woman just pee! I mean really! Dean had taken the few seconds it took me to walk down the hall to the bathroom and dropped a clock on Jack's head. He's got a little bump, but I think he'll be ok. Oh, yeah, and Mop is my newest of nicknames from my son. Don't know why, he knows how to say mom. Goofy.

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Anonymous said...

I heard him saying Mop when I was down there, and thought it was his funny way of saying Mom. Good thing Jack was okay. Dean's a fast one, that's for sure.