Sunday, March 15, 2009

Serves Me Right

Yesterday evening I was wallowing in my own misery because yet again, Lucas is out of comission (threw out his back). I was exhausted from late nights with both babies, working, and of course trying to keep the house in order. I spent an hour cleaning up a cup of Dean's milk that I dropped after it had seeped into the cabinents and drawers which meant I had to clean all of the items in the drawer as well. The entire time I was fuming, but also telling myself in the very back part of my brain that none of this was really that big of a deal. It could be worse, much worse and has been lately. I just needed some time to steam and get it all out of my system.

And then this happened... (a long winded action filled story, but not for those afraid of the dark and scary men who rob homes)

Both boys had finally fallen asleep for the night. I had this feeling that this would be one of THOSE nights. You know, the ones where both boys slept all night and mommy slept some too when she wasn't checking to see if they were still breathing. I snuggled deep into the bed. I closed my eyes and started to relax.

I heard noises outside that didn't sound right and neighbors yelling. I pushed Lucas awake and said "What is that?" which I probaby ask him at least 15 times a night. He relpied with his standard nightly reply, "It's just people outside." I started to tell him that these noises were DIFFERENT really different, but was interupted by a loud snore. His.

Suddenly I could hear someone breathing very loudly outside my window as his feet hit the ground hard. I could see lights flashing all around the house and more people yelling in the neighborhood. I shook Lucas awake and told him that someone was in the back yard. Call 911.

The 911 dispatcher told Lucas that a house a few streets over had been robbed and that the police were swarming the area looking for the other suspect. If I was on the phone I would have replied "I SUSPECT he's in my back yard right now." And he was.

We crouched (in case of stray bullets or something) in the hallway while we decided whether to wake and move the boys and the best place for hiding. We weren't sure if he had run through the yard and left or if he was still there somewhere. Within a few minutes a police officer was shining his flashlight through our windows which were locked but the shades were all up. Meanwhile I heard the guy who was hiding. He was alongside the outer wall to Jack's room and about 3 feet from Dean's bedroom window and on the opposite side of the house from the officer. I told Lucas to grab Jack and bring him into Dean's room. Even though it was so close to where the guy actually was, it seemed to be the room with the least windows and any room far away from him would put us all out in the open. As Lucas was bringing Jack down the hallway, I heard the police officer kicking down our fence (where the suspect was hiding) and the suspect shaking the outside door to our bedroom. I thought he was going to break the glass and come in.

You all know that Dean has sleeping issues and that Lucas and I have placed a lock on his door to lock him in when we're having a particularly rough night. I decided to lock us in at this point thinking that if the guy did make it in, that would be one more barrier between him and our family. He didn't come in.

Lucas and I sat there staring at eachother while I nursed Jack to keep him quiet. Does anyone realize how much more vulnerable a woman feels while she's holding a baby with her boob hanging out? There were a lot more crashing sounds (which turned out to be another section of our fence being knocked down) and a lot of men yelling "___________ City Police!" During all of this we realized that we didn't have a phone with us to call and see when it was ok to come out or to let someone know if he made it into the house. Lucas was going to run down the hallway to grab the phone, only we couldn't find the key that we hide in Dean's room to let ourselves back out in the case of an emergency. You know, like this one. Lucas had to pull everything down from the shelf in Dean's closet. He was still searching when someone began ringing our doorbell repeatedly and knocking.

I was wondering, do we answer the door? If we had a damn phone we could call the police station and ask them if it was an officer or if we should stay hidden. Then I got to thinking, maybe they'll break down the front door and come let us out of Dean's room. (funny). Finally Lucas found the key and went to the door. It was the officer who had knocked down our fences.

He let us know that both suspects of the robbery had been placed in custody. We thanked him for keeping our family safe, closed our door and tried to calm down.

I've had enough drama packed stories for now. I'd like to take a Scary Crap Happening to Members of Our Family vacation if you please.

Oh and this. Dean. Slept. Through. The. Entire. Thing. Not ONE FLIPPIN peep!


anna said...

Wow! Who cares about the fence? Glad to hear that you all are safe and sound. Good job police!

Julie said...

So glad you're safe. I must say the final comment of Dean sleeping made me lol! Isn't that how it always goes?