Thursday, May 7, 2009


Jack and Dean 5 months and a little over 2 years.

The conversations I've had since my leg injury have been more than humorous lately.
Last night at dinner:

Lucas asks Dean if he wants spaghetti or Mac N Cheese for dinner. Dean chooses spaghetti. Well, I think he chooses it, because he does respond with a word that starts with an s, has a g, somewhere and ends with a long e sound. We all sit down and Dean starts yelling at the top of his lungs "Out! Let me out! I no like that! (points at plate with spaghetti) It coffee! (translation:yucky!) That for Miss Suey's dog 'umbo!" I am annoyed that Dean is throwing a tantrum over food that he picked out himself (I think) and ask him to please use his inside voice and stop yelling. At which point Jack emits a low chuckle. Because CLEARLY this is hilarious. Dean looks at him and screams, "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" and Jack chuckles harder. Now Dean is no longer screaming in the bratty way, just screaming. I still find it annoying. "Dean if you continue to scream, you will go to your room. No one wants to listen to that." Except Jack, I mentally correct myself. Dean lets out one more loud pitched scream leading Jack to laugh so hard that his sweet potatoes come out of his nose. It is funny, now, but only because Jack thinks it is so funny. Dean ended up in his room, but it is obvious that I am out numbered.
Dean still calls me "Mop." and I still secretly hope that he does for always. I was reading him a bedtime story. When I turned the page he said, "Hey Mop! That's a mop." What's he really trying to tell me?

When I asked Dean about the dragon that lives in our backyard, he told me that it flew away like his balloon. I asked him where it had gone. Apparently it is at Miss Suzie's. I wonder if Miss Suzie and I have joint custody of the dragon. I get him on the weekends and she has him during the week. Apparently Miss Suzie's house is a better place for the dragon. He never comes inside our house, but spend all day inside hers.

Me: What did you do today?

Dean: I pay.

Me: What did you play with?

Dean: A dog.

Me: Did you play with Dumbo or did you play with a toy dog?

Dean: I pay Dumbo. He not our dog, Mop. He Miss Suzie dog.

I'm glad he let me know that Dumbo doesn't belong to us. How funny!

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