Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tag Team

Well, the boys tag teamed us last night, or shall I say very EARLY this morning. Jack's been pretty easy so far and wakes every 3 hours on some nights and has had a few 6 hours nights. I go in and nurse him back to sleep and stumble back to my bed to catch a little of that sweet rest myself.

Last night my night looked a little bit different. Jack went down for the night and was up by 12 ready to eat again. He finally drifted off again about an hour later. Dean was awake within minutes stripping off his PJs and talking about how he was going to get dressed. "I go Miss Su-ey. I go Miss Suey." Miss Suzie is his daycare provider. We tried to tell him that it was night night time and that Miss Suzie was alseep, but he'd see her later that morning...after he slept some more. Well, he did finally sleep some more after screaming until around 3ish. At which point he tagged Jack, who awoke hungry again. I think I was up from 12-4:30. Then up again to get ready for work by 5:30. Man am I tired, but man do I love them.

Poor Dean. I'm upset when he fights me over taking the dearly beloved PJ's off. Then when he's finally ready to do it without a fight, I tell him he has to leave them on. Oh, the confusion.

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connie said...

Mommy needs ear plugs. I know. Send Dean to Grandma's house. Molly and Buckley will wear him out so much that he'll sleep all night.