Monday, February 2, 2009


Ok, so I know I owe all of you a proper posting with a story, pictures, and some deep thoughts. I know this, but you must wait longer because who has time with two sick babies, a full time job, and a husband on his way out of town for a bit.

So quick update. Dean is not the only one with an ear infection...apparently Jack has one too. My poor sweet babies. In the meantime my other babies (the 8 year olds I teach) are giving substitute after substitute havick. Because, you know, the world has ended when you teacher doesn't come to school for a few days.

On a funny note. I've been saying "darn it" a lot lately. Thinking it was a good alternative to some other words I could say when something doesn't go right. Only, Dean can't make to R sound and only says "Damn it". Oooops. Sorry little dude, but I think I taught you your first curse word. And how to say "dude" which you think is hilarious.

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