Tuesday, January 13, 2009

In Plain Sight

I often think of Dean as a little advanced after picking him up from daycare or talking about some of the things he's doing with my colleagues at work. For all of his intelligence, sometimes he still just doesn't quite get it. Last Saturday was one of those times. He spent the entire morning looking for daddy, who was hiding in plain sight. I even invited him to help me fold laundry and piled the laundry on top of sleeping daddy before folding it. After a few hours, Lucas' gig was up and naptime ended when I took the pillow off (I needed help.).


Anonymous said...

Molly says: Dean, you should be like a dog! I would have found my Daddy in two seconds. You should have seen me today at the dog park when my nose lead me to a big stash of treats, right out of my reach on that board thing they keep by the gate. I was going to jump up on Pancho's back, but he wouldn't hold still.

CC on behalf of Miss Molly

connie said...

Good hiding place, Dad!