Friday, May 8, 2009

A Birthday Cake

Ok, so one more funny story with Dean's speech and Lucas' lack of understanding.

Lucas has never been able to REALLY understand what Dean is saying which leaves me translating a lot. I know that I've got a mother's ear for kid speak and so it's easier for me to figure out what it is that Dean is trying to communicate.

Last weekend we had another married couple over for Lucas' birthday. Seresh is from India and Preetha is from Sri Lanka, so they both have heavy accents, call things by different names, and can sometimes be difficult to understand. 

It was after we'd eaten dinner and Lucas was pulling his cake out to cut. No I don't usually make him prepare his own cake for his birthday, but I had already started my current crutch bearing state. The conversation went something like this.

Dean: Dad! I want some cake.

Wow, I thought, That was very clear! He even got all of the sounds in each word.

Lucas: What?

Me: You couldn't understand him or you just need him to repeat it because you didn't catch it?

Lucas: (waves arms wildly for emphasis) Who can understand THAT?! I mean really!

Seresh: (in thick Indian accent) Lucas, I think he said he wants some cake.

HAHAHAHAHA! Oh, I died of laughter. Preetha did too.

A special note: When Lucas went to go get his cake from our favorite bakery, they only had a pink one left. He forgot to get candles though, so Lucas, Dean, and Seresh made a run to the store. They came back with the pink breast cancer balloon for Dean. Seresh thought it went well with the cake.


PJ said...

That is so cute and funny!

Julie said...

I love reading your blog. You always make me laugh!!