Friday, August 21, 2009

Slip N' Slide

After a mostly restful night (Jack slept in 3 hour chunks), I thought I'd be ready to face the day in a calm motherly manner. I'd nurse my son back to health, cuddle the baby, and do my chores. I set the boys up for breakfast and started our usual battles. Dean's more irritable than usual because he's not feeling well, so we had to grump back and forth over every little thing. The kicker was the yogurt. Dean didn't want HIS yogurt. He wanted Jack's yogurt. They each had blueberry Yobaby yogurt. They were the same. But Dean just knew Jack's was better. When I told him he couldn't have any of Jack's, he kicked me.

And so, he went to his room. Usually he screams and yells and says he wants his daddy, but today he was VERY quiet. Oh crap! He was peeing. I just knew he must be if he was that quiet. So I abandoned Jack in his highchair and rush to Dean's room. He was sitting calmly on his bed staring at me. I started to relax thinking that he hadn't after all when I suddenly slipped and fell into a giant puddle of pee. GIANT I tell you. I was soaked. My shorts were wet. My shirt was wet. Even my ankle braces was saturated with urine. Thankfully I didn't injure my ankle further, but I did jerk my shoulder around pretty good as I made a desperate grab for the wall on the way down.

I'm sure my shoulder is fine. I PRAY that it is, because I can just see myself at the doctor's office now. "So how'd you hurt you shoulder?" she'd ask. "I slipped in my son's pee." I'd reply. Great.

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PJ said...

Hope your shoulders okay!