Monday, January 5, 2009

I Miss You Both

Today I brought the boys to daycare. I had a glorious two weeks with both of them and found myself enjoying motherhood immensely. Well, except the parts where the eldest was naughty and I had to actually be The Parent. That was unfortunate.

I missed both of them so very much. With Dean it was a bit easier for me to cope because we've been through this before. After about a week or so he'll be upset when I make him come home because he's enjoying himself so much. Also, Miss Suzie (his daycare provider) is awesome. She teaches him so many things of which I find myself ignorant.

With Jack I found it very hard to go all day without him. VERY HARD! I remember going through this with Dean on a different level. So, I know I will get used to it and so will he. Today though, it was like a piece of my body was missing, or like I was mourning the death of someone very important to me. I wanted his little snuggly body right next to mine always. Because I know that before too long, his little body will get much bigger. He will be moving with Dean-like energy. The time for snuggling will become less and less. I want to soak up every minute of this stage. My dear readers, please remind me of these feelings when I am totally exhausted, at the end of my rope, and complaining of how he STILL DOESN'T SLEEP through the night. Because, night time snuggling is still...well...snuggling.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Love, I thought he was home with you today, but I see they are both back. It must have been very hard. My thoughts and prayers are with you.