Friday, January 2, 2009


It is high time to potty train Dean.

As many of you already know, Dean can pee in a toilet. In fact he has on many occasions, but due to one thing or another (I don't know what those things are) he is not potty trained yet. We have been seeing the signs of his readiness to use the big boy potty since some time last spring. He knows when he wets or otherwise dirties his diapers. He tells us before he does it, while he's doing it, and after. He hates (always has) to be in a dirty diaper. He finds the toilet, toilet paper, and process of hand washing to be a fantastic adventure. One such adventure led to an entire roll of paper in the toilet recently...while we had company for Christmas. He is beyond ready to make the switch.

Today in his latest demonstration of wit, charm, and general awareness of all things potty he set the mark a little higher. We went through our general nap time routine and I left him to drift off into a slumber. He has actually been drifting off into a slumber regularly for almost a month now at both nap time and bedtime. Today he did not drift off. I could hear him doing God knows what as I nursed Jack in dumb hope that they would actually both be asleep at the same time. Finally, I went to check on his mischief. As I peeked under his door one thing stood out as odd. The dirty diaper that was haphazardly placed in my line of sight. Then I spotted his tiny feet as he pranced in circles near said diaper. The one that threw me for a loop though was his bum which was halfway covered with a pull up. That's odd. I wonder if daddy put a pull up on while I was gone. No wait, I took him to the potty before I put him down for his nap and put on a diaper. I distinctly remember putting on a diaper because he'd just be sleeping anyway.

When I opened the door I was greeted with a hearty "I go poo poo!" In Dean talk that could mean he's pooped, peed, or sneezed a juicy sneeze. I frantically looked for all signs of poo poo and was relieved to find a diaper that was full of urine only. The little tyke peed in his diaper (immediately after mentioned trip to big boy potty) and then decided to change his own diaper.

A clear sign that your child is ready to use the big boy potty. HE CHANGES HIS OWN DIAPER.


Anonymous said...

This is just too funny for words. I love that little guy! He'll be changing Jack's diaper before you know it!


Patricia Stuever said...

Fair warning he'll be playing in the poop next. ;)