Friday, January 9, 2009

Maybe Funny Later

Tonight's bedtime battles with Dean will probably be a little funny to me when I don't have to deal with it anymore.

Dean is tall enough to reach his light switch, and recently figured out that he was capable of taking off and putting on clothes. I say figured out because I've realized for quite some time that he was capable, and was waiting for the day it dawned on him. I was curious to see what he would do with that information. So far he has the previously mentioned self diaper changing and tonight the PJ dilema.

Dean LOVES his PJs. In the mornings we go round and round about how Ms. Suzie doesn't allow PJ's at daycare and yes Dean must put on other clothes so we can all go. The most common phrase heard in my house early in the AM is "I want my PJs." Well, that and "No, mommy!"

Tonight daddy was having trouble talking Dean into putting his PJs on, so I thought I'd help. I off course just managed to make it worse. I thought that if I offered Dean a choice between two pajama's he'd have more ownership and daddy wouldn't have to pin him down. I offered a choice between the dinosaur pajamas and the train pajamas. He chose dinosuar, so I started to put the train away. Then he said "No, no dinosaur. Choo Choo!" I started to put the dinosaur away. Well, as you can guess he changed his mind again. We had to make the choice for him which of course he didn't like at all.

Well, as I previously mentioned the tall enough to reach the light switch and capable of clothing changes caused a long night of putting Dean to bed. When we would close the door, Dean would get up and turn the light on, begin to change his pajamas, and yell "I stuck!" He was too, stuck with an arm or leg in the wrong sized hole and unable to retrieve said limb.

Lucas had decided after their first battle to go to bed himself, not realizing the light, changing, and getting stuck situation. I ended up in there with nursing baby in tow changing a toddler's PJs and trying to tell him he MUST stay in bed and go night night. It didn't work out so well and I had to go get lazy bones out of bed to help. This whole experience left me wondering how in the world to get the two of them to sleep when I'm here by my lonesome. I'm seriously considering having Lucas move Dean's dresser to the living room.


cc said...

wait until you live in a two story house with the little ones upstairs and they come down the stairs in the night to turn our YOUR light which you left on as you were reading yourself to sleep..... I think it was Sarah. She was always the night owl at that age.

connie said...

So, I have an idea about the lights etc. Let me take a couple of books to bed with him. He could have a little nightstand and learn that when you can't sleep, you can read for a bit. He sees books next to your bed and then he'll learn to turn out the light himself or just fall asleep. That way you don't have to fight over the lightswitch....just a thought.

Greg said...

Take the second set of PJs with you next time.