Tuesday, December 18, 2007

More Drama

I'm on a posting kick. Is it ok to post 3 times on the same day? I'm going to because I have a little bit of catch up to do, and the three posts are about totally different things.

Late last week I was putting Dean in the car when a few police cars went streaming past my house. I live in a quiet neighborhood with low crime, so I thought they must be meeting the ambulance that I could hear for a heart attack victim or something. I briefly wondered if I should bring Dean back inside and wait a few minutes to be sure. I decided against it and left the house.
As I drove, I saw more and more police cars driving very fast in all kinds of directions and beginning to block off streets. Then I pulled over for the ambulance that I had heard. Further down the road, I had to slow down for police vehicles and an abandoned car (doors still open). About a block later, I watched a few police officers handcuffing a man. By this point I was feeling a little edgy and ready to get the heck out of dodge.
Here's the story I've pieced together from various news reports:
When police showed up in response to a panic alarm, they found an injured 12 year old boy crawling out of his window to get help. Officers were told about robbers inside, one armed with a gun. Before officers could get into the house, they heard glass breaking, then the sound of cracking wood- a fence being broken down. One of the men began shooting at the officers. Police returned fire but the armed suspect kept running. Minutes later police arrested an unarmed suspect. (The one I witnessed). Meanwhile another man was sitting in his driveway when the first mentioned suspect hi-jacked his car. He drove the car just a few blocks and ran into a field. Police caught up with him and killed him after he fired on officers. In the end, we found out that both the boy and his grandfather had been shot during the robbery. The grandfather is still in the hospital in critical condition. The entire morning, police had the area shut down looking for other possible suspects. I'm glad my car wasn't hi-jacked with Dean in the back.

Steal my stuff, but don't shoot me or hurt my family.

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