Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dean Update

I've been holding on to this picture to post for a few weeks now. Mostly because at the end of the day I'm too tired to plug in the necessary things to transfer my picture to the computer. I think some people might even call this "lazy".
Anyway, this is one of Dean's latest Houdini moves. He has figured out that he can crawl into the first side of the cabinent and unlock the other door from the inside. Cute picture!
His other Houdini trick may or may not have been his fault. He is still not sleeping through the night, so we were trying to teach him to calm himself and go back to sleep without a bottle. One such night, I went in to pat him and left. Then listened as he fussed. The whole time all of the new mother worries were going through my head. What if he crawled out of the crib? What if he's hurt? This is never going to work. Followed by telling myself that the crib is the safest place and I can always go get him if he really starts crying. Finally I gave up and went in to "save" him, only to find him on the floor. One of the sides of the crib had somehow fallen apart. Poor, poor Dean. The next day I of course hopped online to look at crib recalls. Man what a great way to scare myself. Apparently this is how some babies have been strangled recently. Anyway, now his crib has been placed back together and is extra secure thanks to Lucas' handy work. Dean is still not sleeping through the night. As for my mother worries they are the same, only now they aren't "new mother" but rather "experienced mother".
If you are one of Dean's grandmothers and this post truly scares you into thinking Dean needs his grandma to drop everything and come rescue him, please call your son. Truly, everything is ok.
I've been told the best way to write a letter or a note is to start with a positive and end with a positive.
Positive ending: Dean takes about 4 or 5 steps before falling on his well padded behind.

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anna said...

Holy cow, he cannot be old enough to do those kinds of things yet!